SYSROAD is a private company created in 2013, a leader in the field of integration of high-value-added IT and telecoms solutions. It uses the power of technology to support business growth in the digital age. Their expertise in innovative technologies with manufacturers and publishers allows us to offer solutions to their customers at each stage of the evolution of their information system.
All SYSROAD processes have been designed to guarantee a permanent collaborative exchange with their customers, hence the name: SYSROAD which is the contraction of “SYSTEM” and “ROAD” to say “A dedicated technological orientation for each system of information”, in other words, they do custom engineering.

“The partnership with WALLIX is important because it will strengthen our portofolio of solutions in the security domain, which does not currently include PAM solutions.”

Sud Foire – Cité Sonatel 2, Villa N°80
37002 Grand Yoff, Dakar (Senegal)
Tel: 00221338691455