The Hospital of Calais chooses WALLIX to secure the access of its external providers

The French National Health Authority, the Dr. Jean Eric Techer Hospital of Calais offers medical care in specialties such as surgery, obstetrics, and mental health, as well as follow-up and
support services for the elderly thanks to its 200 doctors and 1,800 professionals.

As an innovative facility, the Hospital of Calais IT department works with numerous external service providers who operate daily on the IT servers. Despite recurring incidents, the lack of accurate data prevents IT teams from conducting detailed incident investigations.

“The WALLIX PAM4ALL suite makes us stronger! The behavior of our users has changed since the implementation of the WALLIX Bastion module, and the number of incidents has drastically decreased.” Nadhir TURKI, Network and Telephony Administrator at the Dr. Jean Eric Techer Hospital of Calais


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