Birmingham NHS chooses WALLIX Bastion to secure access to IT amidst the Covid-19 health crisis

With a staff of 5,000 agents, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust has gone through a period of unprecedented stress throughout the health crisis, particularly in terms of cybersecurity. Their small IT Infrastructure team is focused on ensuring the security of patient data and systems remote access.

With a need to protect and secure remote access to networks – particularly when accessing critical applications and sensitive data – Birmingham NHS called on WALLIX to protect their IT infrastructure.

“The WALLIX Bastion allows us to track what external service providers are doing  in their IT systems today and eliminates the need to provide them with logins and  passwords for their target resources, which can be critical. It gives us peace of mind  and trust. We can monitor what is being done on the network by these service  providers who are not hospital employees, and in the event of an incident, we can respond more effectively, quickly and appropriately.” –Iqbal Mahal, Head of Server Infrastructure at Birmingham Community Healthcare

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