Adapt Your Security To The New Virtual Reality

Alarmed by the escalation of cyber-attacks on the education sector?

Concerned about the amount of sensitive information and critical resources you manage?

Interested in deep and comprehensive protection for your educational organization?

In 2020, the education sector was able to adapt to the circumstances and went digital.
In 2022, it is time for these institutions to address the new needs and protect their infrastructures and systems.

Protect Your Crown Jewels

Access to servers containing sensitive data should always require elevated privileges and accurate traceability. Privileged Access Management (PAM) secures remote and on-site connections, monitors privileged activities, and enforces password security to mitigate the risks associated with privileged credentials and excessive access rights.

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Educational Insitutions At Stake

Defend against targeted ransomware, malware, and crypto viruses: Add a layer of Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) to eliminate the need for local administrator privileges and protect IT infrastructures and workstations from attacks that use an exposed privilege escalation to launch processes, run programs, and encrypt data.

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Centralized Management

Centralize the management of user identities and the applications they access to simplify the user experience in an increasingly complex network of digital platforms and logins. This is where identity federation, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) help you organize user identities, platforms, and passwords.

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