Gruppo SIGLA Ltd is a private Genoese company, consisting of about 80 technicians with high skill and experience in Information Technology, which designs and develops software solutions for companies and public institutions: working mainly for large Customers with offices in Genoa, in the rest of Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our company profile we are able to combine experience and innovation, creating projects that aim at complete customer satisfaction, which is continuously measured through the main performance indicators (KPI) of business processes. Particular attention is also paid to actions aimed at ensuring the introduction and dissemination of principles of ethical behavior within the company. Partnership with WALLIX is important to improve our Cybercecurity offer with a solution that can easly be integrated with other products we resell ( ex. Nozomi, Stormshield, ecc.. ). WALLIX completes our Cybercecurity proposal managing the very critical aspect of user access.

Our skills cover the different phases of an ICT project (from analysis to design, from implementing to commissioning, as well as consulting, training and support) and are subdivided into 9 different application areas:Business Intelligence,,Customer Relationship Management, Environmental Monitoring, Industrial Automation, ITSM, IT Security, IT Services, Software Development, Training…

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Via Finocchiaro Aprile 31 /5A
16129 Genova
Tel: (+39) 335 7088937