Panorama Consulting’s Identity Management team can assist across the spectrum of the client’s Identity needs, irrespective of the organization’s current maturity level in the space. The Panorama Consulting Identity Management services include Identity Governance, Privileged Access Management (PAM), Access Management (e.g. MFA / SSO), and Third-Party Access Management. Their services include:

  • Assessment, Strategy, and Design: They bring industry-leading resources to you to help clients assess their Identity Program and develop a strategic plan to most efficiently and effectively manage identities in the organization.
  • Solution Implementation and Integrations
  • Managed Services: Upgrade, migration, or staff augmentation services available.

“The partnership with WALLIX will be critical as a big part of our company growth strategy will be targeting Small and Medium sized businesses that the Big 4 and larger boutiques don’t feel are worth their time to service. WALLIX will be more affordable and easier to configure for this client base than CyberArk, BeyondTrust, and Delinea.”

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