Since the pandemic, our world is experiencing an acceleration of its digital transformation which drive the need for application modernization. The new use cases, which was partially stemmed from long periods of lock down, multiplied the number of access points to organizations’ IT infrastructure. Most companies have multiple cloud vendors, on-premise applications, and SAAS solutions (Hybrid IT infrastructures). This has introduced complex variables with so many new potential entry points for hackers, that they must be secured urgently and holistically to protect access to data. Having a robust IAM strategy and roadmap, coupled with the proper solutions, enhanced by Professional Services to ensure timely and proper implementation and integration is at the core of properly managing access. Having a proper PAM solution in place is at the tip of the spear of critical access controls.

By partnering with WALLIX, a leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant, Nyedis is well positioned to offer it’s customers a best of breed PAM solution and supporting services with confidence.

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