Munisys is a leading Moroccan Company specialized in technology integration. Munisys offers multiple services to customers to overcome challenges using the integration of services, technology, and processes.

Their expertise covers digital infrastructures and Cybersecurity and they work closely with their customers and support them in all phases of their projects, from the initiation, proof-of-concept, design, deployment and training. As Cybersecurity continues to be a top organizational concern, they are engaged to provide all the necessary services to their customers and the right level of security to protect their assets and business.

“As a part of our strategy, we have always dealt with technology leaders. Our choice was therefore to choose WALLIX to achieve cybersecurity compliance requirements and monitor privileged session activities.”

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PARC INDUSTRIEL B2 et B1 1er et 2 éme étage Chemin Tertiaire 1015
20400, Casablanca
Mail :
Tel : 212661593367   &   212660132478