Innovative Least Privilege Endpoint Security

Eliminate the need for user accounts with elevated permissions thanks to innovative endpoint privilege management. Achieve unparalleled security across all endpoints with permissions controlled at the application and process level – without impacting user productivity.

BestSafe Features

White list for corporate applications, gray list for dangerous applications, blacklist for malware.

  • Eliminate privileged accounts and local admin rights
  • Grant application-level and process-level privileges to carry out authorized administrative tasks (White list)
  • Reduce privileges of potentially dangerous applications (email clients, browsers, etc. with internet access) to deny access to sensitive resources, regardless of user’s elevated privileges (Grey list)
  • Stop malware, ransomware, and cryptoviruses from executing or encrypting files

Take a proactive approach to endpoint security, compared to traditional endpoint management tools, implementing application-level privilege management.

  • Eliminate privileges in user accounts
  • Manage user-level privileges in addition to application and process privileges
  • Assign user accounts to group memberships
  • Set time limits for user sessions, automatically terminating the session when the time limit is reached
  • Simplify IT administrator workloads

Put an end to shared passwords used on countless endpoints and tools across local administrator accounts.

  • Guarantee each password is unique per computer, account, and day
  • Manage password rotation simply and effectively – a given password is only valid on that computer, on that day and time
  • Trace attempts to change a password
  • Predict future password iterations without connecting to the network

Detect encryption attempts in real time to stop ransomware in its tracks with a near-100% success rate, unlike other technologies

  • Automatically detect when a process intends to perform an encryption operation, before it is carried out
  • Stop the process and execute automated rules for response
  • Define rule actions based on standards or administrator thresholds
  • Store encryption keys to decrypt at a later date

Manage and control all key business applications through an innovative and easy-to-use portal, leveraging BestSafe’s unique process-level privilege management technology

  • Install applications on-demand, or deploy automatically and unattended
  • Users perform software installations themselves, without holding administrator privileges or burdening the IT team
  • The SDM flexibly and efficiently deploys updates, repairs, admin or maintenance tasks, emergency distributions and uninstallations, without the need for user interaction or elevated privileges
  • Delegate administrative tasks to endpoint users, without granting administrative rights
  • Maximize security with no impact on productivity or performance

Applying Least Privilege

Mitigate the risks of granting administrator privileges without overburdening your IT team. Endpoint Privilege Management applies the Principle of Least Privilege with seamless and granular application-level permissions control, while empowering users to work efficiently

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Protect vulnerable endpoints

Block ransomware, malware, and crypoviruses from entering your network, even when users hold elevated privileges. Control privileges at the application and process-level and stop encryption operations with innovative endpoint protection technology

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Cutting-Edge Endpoint Management


Eliminate the biggest threat to endpoints with the removal of local admin privileges for proactive, unparalleled endpoint protection


Enforce least privilege security efficiently, with no impact on user productivity and minimizing the need for IT intervention


Achieve compliance with security regulations. BestSafe enables privilege management at the application level, eliminating administrators on all endpoints


Automate and centralize endpoint management, and increase user efficiency for leading ROI. BestSafe delivers high availability and fault tolerance

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