CyberSecurity manufaktur GmbH is breaking new ground and supporting companies in realigning their cyber strategy. This represents the control mechanism in the age of digitization of corporate processes. The new security technologies only offer high-quality protection if they are used in the right context. The requirements of the business processes that were defined in risk management represent the right context for the selection of the appropriate security technologies.

Are you currently in a crisis situation due to a cyber attack? A data leak or due to an IT failure?

Downtime, reputation damage, loss of trust, extortion demands – all of these can be very expensive. Without professional and experienced help it will be difficult to cope with such a situation. With CyberSecurity Manufaktur know-how and their network of experts, their offer fast and highly professional help: CyberSecurity manufaktur support customers in cyber situations through established, efficient and  experienced specialists and broad expertise in cyber crisis situations, providing:

  • competent support for IT operations and customer systems restoration,
  • Security analysts investigating the best Cyber ​​incident response
  • Immediate assistance on-site or off-site in the event of a cyber attack
  • Crisis Management.

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