Established in early 2008, as part of Batelco’s Cybersecurity unit, Beyon Cyber’s experience of 14+ years in protecting Bahrain’s most critical communications infrastructure has helped them build a team of certified and accredited cyber defenders that are battle-hardened to defend against the most sophisticated nation-state threat actors.

Starting in 2022, with their official launch as Beyon Cyber, they take pride in expanding this capability to offer cybersecurity protection to businesses across the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region.

Apart from being the largest private SOC in the Kingdom, they take pride in their team, certified in multiple domains. Beyon Cyber’s Defense Center hosts some of the most critical customers across the Government and Private sector and covers the country’s largest landmass of cyber threat intelligence.

“Beyon Cyber is a regional cybersecurity organization that provides advanced cybersecurity services to clients and partners in the region. We have requirements for Privileged Identity and Access Management (PAM) solutions from customers and would like to offer PAM services with a partnership with WALLIX..”

Building 1095, Road 1425, Block 1014
Hamala (Kingdom of Bahrain)
Tel: +973 39570402