Privilege Elevation & Delegation Management

Admin rights can introduce critical vulnerabilities to your vital assets. Ensure that the right privilege is granted to the right user at the right time, without compromising productivity.

With the WALLIX Bastion PEDM solution, privileged account users can request elevated permissions when and as needed, for Zero Standing Privileges and a true Least Privilege security model that won’t impact productivity.

Minimum Privileges, Maximum Protection

Least Privilege Management

Eliminate overprivileged users who can introduce risks into your IT network
Zero local administrator policy: Grant privileges at a granular level. Assign specific rights to execute a specific action
Establish security policies for applications & processes rather than by user
Facilitate productivity: non-administrator users can still run tasks with adapted privileges

Access Management for Critical Systems

Protect assets with combined user access workflows, credential rotation, and local rights limitation
Secure critical systems through session control and precise application and process management
Trace and monitor activity with complete session recording, metadata, and logs for local devices

Endpoint System Protection

Fine-tune application rights so that they can only be used to perform authorized actions by authorized users
Prevent known and unknown attacks with proactive security, blocking all unauthorized actions intending to modify the system
Neutralize ransomware: encryption operations are detected before being carried out


Combine Privileged Access Management with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management for robust Least Privilege security with PASM + PEDM. Ensure both privileged accounts and user endpoints are secure with granular control over administrator permissions at the application and process level – without impacting productivity.

  • Integrated with Bastion PAM solution to increase security and proactively protect identities and access to critical assets
  • Eliminate local administrators and limit user rights with Application white/grey/black-listing
  • Centralize and simplify management through integration with Microsoft Active Directory and its database
  • Exclusive patented technology enables application- and process–level security to eliminate administrator accounts on endpoints
  • Real-time detection of system functions such as performing encryption operations to block ransomware
  • Integrate with SIEM to centralize log information for advanced threat detection

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