WALLIX IDaaS solution is now accessible via the Docaposte packaged offer, which brings together the best solutions on the market.

Paris, March 27, 2024, WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX), European cybersecurity software publisher and expert in identity and access security, is pleased to announce its selection at the heart of the offer developed by Docaposte, alongside 11 other trusted partners. Docaposte, a major player in digital transformation and subsidiary of the La Poste Group, offers this complete offer intended for SMEs, communities and health establishments, with the aim of meeting all the cybersecurity needs of small and medium-sized organizations, both in the private and public sector, especially for those who do not have the financial, human and technical resources necessary to implement a set of solutions covering their needs.

Docaposte’s packaged offer therefore integrates all the solutions necessary to prevent attacks, protect systems and networks, and quickly detect warning signals to react effectively.

WALLIX intervenes in the protection and security of access aspect, with its WALLIX IDaaS solution intended to manage user identities and passwords in an organization. This topic is a source of risk and frustration for users, as well as a significant factor in the loss and theft of sensitive data.

A study by Cybermalveillance.gouv[1] showed that on average, nearly one in two communities (42%) were at risk of cyberattacks, particularly communities with more than 10,000 inhabitants at 70% compared to 37% for communities. of less than 1000 inhabitants. More than half of them place password management as the top priority of their cyber needs.

Ease of access and Security by design

It takes just 5 minutes for a hacker to crack a complex 8-character password, eight times faster than in 2022[2]. However, generating and storing unique and strong passwords can quickly turn into a real headache.

WALLIX IDaaS automates and secures the recording of different passwords within systems, notably the burden on IT teams and improves user autonomy. This SaaS (Software as a Service) solution does not require deployment effort and guarantees encrypted data storage (Security by Design)

A modular offer and recognized expertise

The WALLIX IDaaS solution stands out for its simplicity of integration and offers a wide range of functionalities in addition to password management. With single user access such as Single-Sign-On (SSO), it contributes to user comfort while securing existing processes without complicating them. This approach fits into the needs of SMEs, communities and hospitals, looking for efficient and accessible solutions, in line with compliance policies such as NIS2, LPM or GDPR, etc.

In France, WALLIX is recognized as a key player in identity and digital access management in the health and public sector, with more than 750 active contracts, namely:

  • 20% of urban communities,
  • 34% of large cities,
  • 50% of departments,
  • 70% of regions,
  • And finally half of Territorial Hospitals Group are equipped with WALLIX solutions.

We have surrounded ourselves with the best specialists to put together our offer which proves that the French and European ecosystem is mature and offers effective and relevant solutions. By providing robust and reliable solutions and encouraging cybersecurity awareness, Docaposte also contributes to strengthening the digital resilience and autonomy of all organizations,” explains Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docaposte.

“Securing and simplifying access to applications for employees or staff of an organization is now accessible to as many people as possible thanks to the cybersecurity pack created by Docaposte, to which we are delighted to contribute by including the WALLIX IDaaS solution from departure. » declares Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO of WALLIX. “The team’s perfect knowledge of cyber issues and co-construction are assets that contribute to the quality of this offer and its functional richness. »


[2] Source Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report


WALLIX is a European cybersecurity software developer and world leader in the Identity and Access Management market. With a strategy based on innovation and agility, WALLIX’s mission is to simplify cybersecurity for its clients worldwide. The WALLIX range of solutions is distributed by a network of over 300 resellers and integrators worldwide, and WALLIX supports nearly 3,000 organizations across more than 90 countries in securing their digital transformation.

The company is listed on Euronext (ALLIX). The founders and managers, as well as the investment structure Thierry Dassault Holding, are the historical reference shareholders.

OT.security by WALLIX is a brand dedicated to the security of digital access and identities in industrial environments.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and is committed to contributing to the construction of a trusted European digital space, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data for organizations, as well as for individuals concerned about the protection of their digital identity and privacy. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to pursue a secure societal digital transformation that respects individual freedoms.

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[2] Source Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report