Nuestros valores y Compromiso

En WALLIX, mantenemos los valores fundamentales de audacia, espíritu de equipo y compromiso. Nos esforzamos para apoyar a nuestros equipos y nuestros clientes en todo el mundo en la construcción del futuro de la ciberseguridad.

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La vida en WALLIX

Desde el embarque en nuestra sede en París hasta el lanzamiento anual de nuestro equipo global, en WALLIX, estamos orgullosos de nuestro equipo que sabe trabajar duro y divertirse, colaborando a través de países y culturas para lograr el éxito.

Somos Happy at Work!

El equipo de WALLIX Happy at work en todo el mundo, expresando libertad, agilidad y desafío como cualidades clave. Estamos orgullosos de haber recibido esta etiqueta para el Mundo, Europa, Francia y España, demostrando que nuestros equipos están totalmente comprometidos y que les gusta!

Conoce a los WALLIXiens

“The best thing I like about working at WALLIX is “freedom”. Freedom to do what I need to make the organization successful and build value, sometimes also going beyond my role”
I’ve been with WALLIX for a year now, and one of the best aspects is that we are truly a family. It’s not one of those companies where people are simply civil; we are part of each other’s lives, we spend time together outside of the office in non-work related events and activities. We are there for each other.
“After a year at WALLIX, I have only one thing to say: join the adventure.”
“What I like about WALLIX is working with a super team with team spirit, supporting each other, in an international company… On top of that, the ability to make a difference: bringing in new ideas and get things moving.”
“What I love about WALLIX is that everyone can exchange with each other to accomplish our common mission, to challenge ourselves, work together, get to know one another, and also to have fun and take part in a mission that involves every one of us.”
"What do I like about WALLIX? The fact that all coworkers are approachable and involved, and the complex technical environment that creates new challenges every day.”
“What I like about WALLIX: the constant freedom, trust and challenges that make it a highly stimulating workplace! I learn something new every day on a wide technical spectrum, and the company doesn’t get in the way of its ambitions. Plus, I would say the atmosphere also plays a big part. It’s wonderful being able to outdo ourselves together and celebrate it over a cold beer!”

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