Project is a Portfolio Company of the technology innovation Hub WeAreProject. As a Trusted Advisor, it accompanies companies in the process of digitisation, with the aim of improving their competitiveness. It speaks the different languages of business by interpreting different needs. Their Innovation Company is able to bring about not only technological changes but also organisational and strategic changes for client companies.
Specialising in Cyber Security, Managed Services (including SOC and NOC), Digital Workplace, Hybrid Cloud&Networking, Application&Data and Innovative Solutions. Thanks to its ability to do and the plurality of competencies, it governs and orchestrates the specialisations that characterise each reality of the group to generate technological innovation at the service of companies. In 2022, Project incorporates Centro Computer.

„In the cybersecurity landscape, we believe it is important to approach a topic such as that of Privilege Access Management. To do this effectively a partnership with a leader like WALLIX is essential.“


Via C. Cattaneo, 6
24040, Stezzano (Italy)
Tel: +39 0352050301