CYBERIX is a company specialized in cybersecurity, security audit, penetration testing, security risk management, computer forensics, consulting, training, software development, and data recovery. Established by DR. GERARD EYOUM LEWOURIEN, on February 2016, it has distinguished itself in the Central and Western African cybersecurity markets by offering products and services of unquestionable quality and by maintaining a clean five years track record. Indeed, living in an era where cyber-felonies are mainstream, unlike others, CYBERIX provides strategic solutions to companies and administrative bodies in the sub-region toward preventing such events from happening and enabling them to connect, exchange, and communicate peacefully with their clients and suppliers.

„Our goal is to cater to a safe cyber-environment by building up a dedicated and multifarious team of certified experts with adequate experience on multiple projects related to information technology security.“


10001, Douala (Cameroon)
(+237) 696 04 28 43