Privileged Access Management is key to achieving compliance with the NIS Directive

The NIS (Network Infrastructure Security) Directive was adopted by the European Parliament on July 6, 2016, giving Member States of the European Union until May 9, 2018 to incorporate the Directive into their national laws. Aiming to standardize the various local security practices in each Member State, it was passed to ensure that operators of essential services and digital service providers are better protected against cyberthreats.

The NIS Directive sets out a comprehensive plan to attain a high common level of network and information system security across all Member States, addressing in particular the protection of Operators of Essential Services (OESs) and Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

This whitepaper will shed light on the challenges and implications of the NIS Directive with regard to cybersecurity practices in European nations, and make a case for how a Privileged Access Management solution easily helps in the quest for compliance.