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We collaborate to ensure that our joint solutions enable customers to optimize their security and compliance investments.  WAP-APP is for companies not interested in reselling WAB Suite but understanding the value to add a Privileged Access Management solution to their product portfolio. It is designed to enable cybersecurity companies that seek an easy-to-deploy privileged user’s management solution.

The programme fee is based on a contractual agreement in which both parties engage in a sales and marketing plan to promote the joint solution.



• Complementary products and services that bring added value to your business
• Marketing and commercial support for the duration of the collaboration
• Ongoing training programs on our products to catch WAB Suite product value, both for the sales and marketing team.
• Strategic Alliance with a PAM expert partner


WAB Suite’s data combined with SIEM IBM QRadar provide real time visibility and prioritize alerts  for administrators.

IBM® QRadar® SIEM consolidates log events and network flow data from thousands of devices, endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network


When Lieberman’s ERPM is used in combination with WAB Suite, together the products help organizations significantly secure access to systems throughout the datacenter.

With WAB Suite, privileged account passwords are not disclosed to end users and with ERPM, privileged account passwords are only granted  to authorized IT staff on a need-to-know basis, for a limited time. When used together, a full user audit trail and administrative access are logged and made available to management and auditors for simplified compliance reporting.


By integrating WALLIX’s privileged user management software into SailPoint’s broader identity and access management solution IdentityIQ, end-customers on both sides will see real, tangible benefits to their IT security governance.

SailPoint and Wallix are committed to deliver a unified solution to monitor and control all identities, enabling enterprises to protect their critical IT assets, including data and application from privileged accounts based cyber-attacks.  By leveraging WAB suite Best of Breed Session Management, this integration will combine Identity, Governance and Security in a single console.



WAB Suite controls and secures access to Wachguard FireBox‘s privileged accounts . Our integration based on WatchGuard FirewareOS allows our partners to enhance  multi-function devices security suitable for SME and large companies.

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The WAB Suite can be configured to provide RSA SecurID two-factor authentication using the RSA Authentication Manager’s RADIUS services. This allows for seamless integration with RSA SecurID authentication for WAB Suite enterprise customers who are interested in improving security by adding strong authentication to their RADIUS implementations through the RSA SecurID solution.

Download the Standard Agent Implementation Guide RSA SECURID® ACCESS


Through its technological brand Bull, Atos announces the official release of its new product Evidian Identity Governance and Administration. It becomes the Atos solution for the Identity and Access Governance Market.

Designed for medium and large organizations, the solution offers customers worldwide modern User and Rights lifecycle management processes, as well as Risk and Governance tools to reduce operational risks and adhere to compliance requirements. Evidian Identity Governance and Administration provides Microsoft Office 365 accounts and licenses management for both pure Cloud-only or hybrid on-premises / Cloud architecture. Accounts management benefits from the cost effective provisioning process and accounts will only be dynamically created when the end-user requires access to them.

Conscious of the need to be easily integrated in customer ecosystem Evidian Identity and Governance Administration offers a deep integration with important players on the market like Wallix for Privilege Account Management.

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WAP-TECH partners bring technological value to our unified WAB Suite platform.

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