CLARANET chooses WALLIX Bastion to secure hosted data and guarantee compliance with HDS accreditation

As a leading provider of Cloud services in Europe and a specialist in outsourcing of critical applications and digital transformation, Claranet needed a security solution to protect their data hosted in the cloud and ensure they meet strict regulatory standards for cybersecurity.

Claranet first called upon WALLIX’s services in the context of it’s e-Health offer. In order to obtain accreditation as a “Health Data Host” (HDS), the ASIP (Agency of Shared Healthcare Information Services) requires providers to establish a system to trace access to platforms, via a single centralized interface.

WALLIX was the only firm able to respond to Claranets specifications, particularly in terms of this HDS accredidation.

“The WALLIX Bastion has become the benchmark in the e-health market. It is a guarantee of confidence which reassures the customer.” – Emmanuel Novice, Directeur des services e-santé | CLARANET


Access the case study to learn more about securing cloud data and meeting strict cybersecurity regulations like those of the Healthcare sector.