Strengthen the security of your solutions with integrated WALLIX Identity and Access Management technologies

WALLIX brings its expertise in cybersecurity for all the actors concerned about a secure digital transformation and data protection. The WALLIX Inside brand enables specific sectors of activity or trades to design upstream solutions natively embedding cybersecurity services. Cybersecurity and the WALLIX Inside brand are then differentiating elements to be displayed in order to enhance the value of its business and ensure the confidence of its customers who now consider cybersecurity as a standard of the products or services to which they subscribe.

With WALLIX Inside, you can focus on your business, in complete security

Increase the value of your offer and avoid disqualification on key projects by addressing the cybersecurity challenges of your markets

Change customer perceptions of your business; Prove that you take cyber risk management into account in your solutions and business

Rely on the expertise of WALLIX, which offers certified and patented technology solutions to enrich your product range. Stay focused on your business and strengths

Join WALLIX in committing to the protection and ethical management of data by contributing to the creation of a responsible digital culture where technologies are at the service of the people

Fives strengthens the security of Industry 4.0 with WALLIX Inside

The Fives CortX IoT solution connects the production environment of a factory to a series of business applications in order to collect and analyze the data generated to optimize the productivity of industrial systems and streamline their maintenance. WALLIX Inside protects data in the Fives CortX Gateway thanks to advanced security of connection passwords.

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection By Design

For automation engineers, energy specialists, service providers – Innovate and engage with WALLIX Inside. Embed cybersecurity and data protection within your solutions to enable complete access control and security, password protection, application protection, and more.

You stay focused on your business, WALLIX Inside brings cybersecurity expertise.

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