Industrial Systems: An Easy Target for Cyber Attacks

The industrial sector is one that never sleeps, and can’t afford to. In addition to the unique challenge of operating physical installations that must run nonstop, industrial systems must also contend with the delicate balance of keeping facility costs low and availability high. And, until recently, priority has been placed on the availability and safety of equipment.

However, industrial systems have become increasingly connected to IT systems. They are integrated to manage production, scheduling, or remote access. Because of these recent integrations, previously irrelevant security issues are now major vulnerabilities, threatening the security of equipment, production lines, and organizations.

Take back control over ICS and SCADA systems by utilizing privileged access management (PAM).

4 Key Industrial Security Objectives


Ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations to meet standards and avoid fines
(NIS Directive, LPM, ISO 27001, NERC CIP, NIST SP-800-82...)

Ease of Use

Provide easy management tools for handling remote access for external service providers and remote workers

Simple Integration

Simplified integration capabilities to connect robust IT-OT PAM security into existing security environments

High Availability

Support operational maintenance whether on-site or remotely and ensure service continuity without disruption

WALLIX and Schneider Electric: Partners in Protecting Industrial IoT

"By bringing our combined experience and expertise to the table — WALLIX in privileged account management and Schneider Electric in industrial system technologies —it is possible for us to unveil the i-PAM solution (Industrial Privileged Access Management), designed to control service providers’ access to industrial architectures. We are proud to say that we have become the go-to integrator offering this dependable solution in industrial environments."
"The Bastion provides a truly safe zone for remote connections on industrial systems, that is fully transparent for the user and whose performance remains unaffected."
"Adoption of PAM for IIoT can now offer a cybersecurity solution able to ensure an even faster and safer growth of our secure Industrial IOT gateway. This newly created solution category will accelerate Industry 4.0 transformation growth."

Industrial Privileged Access Management

  • Optimize configurations with the auto-discovery of all privileged Windows and Linux accounts.
  • Control and protect access to equipment, PLCs, and fieldbuses by utilizing credential management and advanced permissions to connect to certain equipment with defined frequency.
  • Apply a granular connection policy for internal and external users.
  • Secure and manage the automatic rotation of passwords and SSH keys on the ICS, including passwords belonging to remote users.
  • Use industrial applications that embed hard-coded credentials.
  • Isolate critical systems by controlling access to bounce servers.
  • Automatically alert the IT department, operational technology officers, and security management team in real-time to detect, react, and stop an ongoing attack in its tracks. This automatic functionality keeps disruption and potential damage to a minimum for the organization.
  • Log and record all privileged user connections, plus take advantage of real-time audits and comprehensive reporting

Inspired by WALLIX’s Bastion technology, Schneider Electric's i-PAM range is available on industrial appliances that are resistant to high temperatures, vibrations, and water.

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