Cybersecurity Risk Management

Your business relies on IT systems to stay up and running. Ensure your most vulnerable systems are protected from users – both internal and external – to ensure business continuity and productivity.

Access management provides security and peace of mind, mitigating privileged access risk and empowering teams to work securely and efficiently, wherever they are.

Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Take a Zero-Trust, Zero Standing Privileges approach to security – Ensure you know precisely which users can access your resources and what they do with that access thanks to comprehensive access governance.

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Insider Threat

With 74% of all breaches linked to insider threat, even the most trustworthy employees are a risk. Hold users accountable and control privileges and sessions of internal and external users.

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Just-In-Time PAM sharply limits the amount of time an account possesses elevated privileges and access rights to drastically reduce the risk and attack surface. Privileged accounts are only used for the time needed to complete the task or activity.

The WALLIX Bastion Privileged Access Management solution combines Privileged Session Management with Privilege Elevation and Delegation Management (PEDM) to provide an end-to-end Zero Standing Privileges approach thanks to features like JIT access using group membership, access granted for a limited time to vaulted accounts, and JIT access through privilege elevation.

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Risk Management Solutions


Create a zero trust environment and mitigate risk with Privileged Access Management

WALLIX Bastion


Gain precise control over endpoints even outside the network with Endpoint Privilege Management



Guarantee user identities to implement Zero Trust security and mitigate Insider Threat

WALLIX Trustelem


Ensure strong multi-factor authentication of user access to applications and corporate assets

WALLIX Authenticator