Integrated Security Services for MSSPs

Increase recurring revenues and deploy integrated security services that strengthen customer loyalty.

MSSPs must face the growing challenge of continuing to move up the value chain, providing new offerings, and increasing their revenue. Building and promoting “cybersecurity-as-a-service” solutions can help MSSPs rise to this challenge.

With simplified security solutions from WALLIX, customer systems and data are protected.

Delivering Digital Transformation Security

When launching new "Cybersecurity-as-a-Service" solutions, managed service providers must address the increasing security challenges presented by digital transformation on-site and remote, corporate networks being opened to a growing number of external service providers, and increasing integration between IT and production networks.

Meanwhile, new vulnerabilities that expand the attack surface are constantly appearing, and remain a major obstacle to the adoption of cloud services. To reassure customers, managed service providers must develop strong and proven cyber-resilience capabilities.

These challenges also represent an opportunity to move up the value chain, propose new offerings, and increase revenue.

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Control Risk & Secure the Network

Manage IT risk and ensure the security of your network and its use by your customers.

Take advantage of adaptive, granular, and flexible solutions. Perfectly adapted to OT environments, they will help you comply with current regulations. Moreover, they are easy to integrate, quick to deploy, and they will also enable you to have a true flexibility when invoicing your services without compromising your clients' security.

WALLIX Solutions to Secure Access and Streamline Security

Privileged Access Management

Strengthen and refine access security of critical IT assets. Manage, monitor, and ensure traceability of privileged user access and activity while securing passwords

WALLIX Bastion

Endpoint Privilege Management

Efficiently manage and control privileges and maximize your clients' protection level in order to defend against malware and reduce the attack surface


Identity Management & Security

Unify, simplify, and control user access to resources and applications while simplifying the user experience with a centralized IDaaS service platform for MFA and SSO

WALLIX Trustelem

Discover why Claranet chose the WALLIX Bastion to secure their hosted data network

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