You protect our health, we protect your patient data and ensure the continuity of care

The healthcare sector is the most targeted industry for hackers. With vulnerable equipment and highly valuable Electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI), IT security is critical for hospitals and healthcare organizations at every level.

Agility and efficiency are key to enable your teams to access IT systems easily and to ensure business continuity.  WALLIX solutions will help mitigate cyber risks and data breaches and save you time and resources to focus on your core business: saving lives.

Regain control over identities, access, and critical patient data with WALLIX

Protect access to heterogeneous medical equipment

Control who has access to what and when. Enable remote maintenance and collaboration with third-party healthcare professionals with confidence

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Prevent targeted cyberattacks and ransomware

Gain precise control over connected medical devices (IoMT) to reduce the surface of attack, prevent lateral moves and protect access to servers hosting sensitive data

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Secure new digital uses

Protect access to connected healthcare technology including teleconsultation platforms and simplify user access to medical applications in your digital transformation

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Achieve regulatory compliance

Reach compliance with security regulations thanks to documented, auditable proof that access to healthcare data is monitored and secured. Meet standards for worldwide regulations including GDPR, HDS, HITECH, HIPAA, DSPT, etc…

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What Healthcare organizations say about WALLIX

The WALLIX Bastion solved all of our cyber security pain points and we have complete control and visibility, even when it comes to remote access.
"The WALLIX Bastion goes much further than VPN firewalls. It allows us to see everything our external service providers do on our information systems and avoids us having to provide them with the logins and passwords of our target resources, which are sometimes critical. As a result, we have complete peace of mind and confidence when we allow our more than sixty external service providers to work on our network. When everything is running smoothly, we can monitor everything done on the network by our service providers, which are not hospital employees,and we can respond more effectively, rapidly and appropriately in the event of an incident."
The Bastion helped us to obtain our agreement to host health data. It is a real competitive advantage to be able to trace and audit all actions on the IT infrastructure, particularly when it comes to protecting our clients' sensitive data. The WALLIX Bastion has helped strengthen the security of our services.

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