Simplify Management of Privileged Access

Achieve control over your privileged accounts and allow your teams to focus on more important projects.

It’s a simple fact that IT teams are in high demand, working on many high-value projects and very little time to accomplish it all. When IT teams are overloaded, the build, run, and everyday management of a Bastion pulls IT administrators’ focus from other critical activities. Local branches lack resources and budget to deploy critical systems. Security teams face audit and compliance requirements to deploy and operate a PAM solution in a limited time.

Alleviate the burden and empower WALLIX to take care of Privileged Account Management with Bastion Managed Services (BMS), WALLIX’s simplified cybersecurity solution to relieve your IT team of the task of securing privileged access.

WALLIX Bastion Managed Services

Save Budget & Resources

WALLIX takes over the BUILD and RUN of your Privileged Access Management. Drastically reduce costs thanks to the OPEX model.

Increase Efficiency

Address the specific needs of local branches and access critical security resources without postponing other pivotal projects.

Achieve Compliance

Ensure access control and accountability, and gain guaranteed monitoring and traceability to achieve compliance with regulations with minimal impact on internal workloads.

Reinforced Security, Simplified

Easily integrate the WALLIX Bastion with existing infrastructure and other security solutions to establish a holistic, reinforced security perimeter. Manage users and access to target systems, create and enforce security and password policies, and set up authorization rules to automatically grant or deny access to critical systems

The WALLIX team handles the entire build and run of your Bastion system, so you experience the full benefits of WALLIX Bastion security with a completely hands-off approach, allowing IT administrators to focus on other business-critical projects.

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Block Insider Threat

Terminate malicious incursion attempts, even from known user accounts. Identify and distinguish between legitimate user sessions and suspicious activity, automatically recognize unusual command lines or application use, and raise alerts or terminate sessions automatically when malicious activity is detected to ensure complete Insider Threat security and protect your critical IT assets.

Gain new levels of clarity with comprehensive oversight. Automatically receive alerts when privileged sessions begin, monitor sessions in real time with 4-Eyes capabilities, share sessions with remote maintenance providers, and extract metadata from recorded sessions for future review and audits of session activity.

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Discover WALLIX Bastion Managed Services

  • Includes WALLIX Bastion Session Manager and WALLIX Bastion Access Manager capabilities
  • BUILD and RUN fully operated by WALLIX
  • 24/7 service management and critical incident response within 2 hours
  • Bastion infrastructure can be hosted by WALLIX, in the cloud, or on-premise
  • Specialized workshops to walk your team with the integration of the BMS in your environment
  • Benefit from the latest features and updates to the Bastion security protection
  • Receive personalized support from the WALLIX Customer Success team through our dedicated portal and ticketing system
  • Monthly reporting

Gain peace of mind, increase productivity, and save budget all while experiencing the full security assurance of the WALLIX Bastion with Managed Services.

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