Founded in 2006, Securiview is based on the long experience of its founders in the field of IT security management.

Securiview is currently one of the only pure player companies in France in the field of IT security management.

Structured around its SOC (Security Operations Center) and its CDC (Cyberdefense Center) Securiview guarantees a very high level of technical expertise in the missions its clients entrust to it.

Securiview offers Firewall Management, IPS Management, Log Management, Vulnerability Management, Cyberdefense, Alerting and monitoring 24/7 and IRT (Incident Response Team) services including forensics services.

Securiview manages the security of its customers in a transversal way. By including its customers’ businesses in the monitored perimeter, incident management is much more relevant.

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9-11 avenue Michelet
Immeuble Axe-Nord, 9ème étage
Tel.: +33 (0)1 49 46 13 13