Orange Business Services Senegal is a multi-service operator that provides solutions to businesses in the areas of cloud, unified communications, and cybersecurity. They work alongside companies to transform their businesses, rethink their services, and unlock the potential of their data to create a positive impact. They are distinguished by our dual expertise: they are both a network operator and a digital solutions integrator. As an operator, Orange Business Services Senegal builds and operates complex infrastructures. As an integrator, they design and manage end-to-end digital solutions.

“Cybersecurity is a major issue for any company and Orange Business Services Senegal is positioned as a partner to our B2B customers to support them throughout the entire life cycle of the threat to anticipate, detect and neutralize attacks. It is within this framework that we are partnering with Wallix in order to provide our customers with a complete catalog with the best solutions on the market.”


Contact Orange Business Services Senegal
64 boulevard de la République
12900, Dakar (Senegal)
Tel.: +221 338694371