WALLIX Launches Bastion 8

to Ensure the Security of Privileged Access - and Limit it According to Use Case

Paris, 28 May, 2020 – WALLIX (Euronext – ALLIX), a European developer of cybersecurity software and expert in privileged access management (PAM), has launched WALLIX Bastion 8, the new version of its renowned privileged access protection software suite.

In a world where 80% of cyberattacks involve the compromise of a privileged account, PAM solutions have become indispensable in all sectors of the economy. Bastion 8 allows companies to respond to the sharp increase in the number of privileged accounts in IT infrastructures, and its new features such as privilege escalation, zero-standing privilege and just-in-time access make it an essential solution for businesses and organisations that must manage their cyber risks, comply with regulations and achieve their digital transformation securely.

Didier Cohen, Chief Product Officer at WALLIX, explains: “The WALLIX Bastion 8 solution is an easy-to-use solution for securing the many forms of privileged access to essential company resources. With remote working and remote access becoming more and more prevalent, privileged access must be increasingly supervised, limited and allocated to the IT professionals who require it and for the precise length of time needed for their activity. The WALLIX Bastion 8 solution reduces the attack surface of infrastructures and can be easily deployed in all IT, DevOps, OT and industrial environments, thus protecting against internal threats and securing remote access for a total ownership cost that is 30% lower on average than competing solutions.

WALLIX Bastion 8 makes life easier for IT professionals and efficiently secures their activity

The Bastion 8 solution is modular in its design and thus allows for phased, function-by-function deployment. This allows users to control their deployment schedule, protect their past investments and show concrete results from the very beginning of the project.

In order to reduce the attack surface as much as possible, the Bastion 8 solution implements the principle of least privilege, which means that users’ privileged access to target resources can be removed and only granted when access is required. Each case of privileged access is monitored and tracked as well as secured, thanks to mechanisms for approving and escalating privileges for each user and for each user’s access rights; this is called just-in-time privileged access management. Once the administrative task is completed, the privileged access is removed, ensuring that no unnecessary privileges remain on the infrastructure; this is known as zero-standing privileged access management.

With the growth of collaborative working in all companies, Bastion 8 now offers an enhanced experience for users who can work together in an administration session, with a supervisor who can view all of their administrators’ work in real time and can instantly end any dangerous operations.

A solution adapted to the needs of DevOps

The WALLIX Bastion 8 solution can be easily integrated into automated environments that can control Bastion through a set of APIs that cover all of the solution’s functions. With its Application-to-Application Password Management (AAPM) function, the solution eliminates the need for DevOps to use plain-text passwords to deploy applications or work on targets with scripts, for instance. Process automation is thus achieved without increasing the attack surface.

Bastion 8 is available on all distribution channels in license mode or in managed services mode

The Bastion 8 solution is now available on all WALLIX distribution channels and in all regions covered by the developer. It can be deployed on site or on any of the major cloud services available on the market, and is integrated with dozens of cyber software solutions in order to simplify the user experience for customers regardless of their solution ecosystem.

The solution has now been launched, and is available in license mode or in managed services mode on all of the company’s reseller channels worldwide. The new Bastion 8 solution expands WALLIX’s product range by adding the latest privileged access management functions, thus helping companies protect access to their strategic assets and ensure the security of their digital transformation.





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