A Stronger and More Innovative R&D at the Heart of WALLIX's Success

Paris, 7 April 2020 – WALLIX (Euronext – ALLIX), European cybersecurity software publisher and expert in privileged account governance (PAM), continues to strengthen its R&D to fully support its expansion into the international market. Following two acquisitions made in 2019, WALLIX has reorganized its R&D and pooled the skills of the teams around a single brand and product lines dedicated to the security of identities, access, and data. With this new organization, WALLIX maintains a close relationship with its customers and partner integrators for better management of the priorities of its strategic plan, focused on innovation and improving its competitiveness in the cybersecurity market.

To ensure operational activities, WALLIX has appointed Jean-Marc Guyot, Vice President Engineering, to take over management of the R&D centers in France and Serge Adda, Chief Technical Officer, to take over management of the “WALLIX Lab” and the Spanish R&D center.


The three R&D centers based in Europe, in France (Paris, Rennes) and in Spain (Madrid), are responsible for the development of the WALLIX Bastion (Privileged Access Management (PAM)), WALLIX BestSafe (Endpoint Privileged Management (EPM)), and of the group’s new Cloud services. A set of cross-functional objectives (technical documentation, product quality, etc.) and a unification of R&D tools and methods have been implemented for better team efficiency, while retaining specific business or technological expertise by center.

The aim to organize around these three centers is part of the ambitions announced by WALLIX, which is structuring itself to meet the growth challenges of an international software publisher. Today, more than 60 people are responsible for producing robust and reliable software, while respecting the WALLIX DNA: the simplicity of both the deployment and use of solutions.


In order to ensure the coordination of R&D activities, WALLIX entrusted Jean-Marc Guyot with the management of the R&D center in Rennes, specializing in development of Cloud service and SaaS solutions, as well as management of the WALLIX Bastion R&D. Jean-Marc is a graduate of École Polytechnique and École Telecom ParisTech, as well as ESSEC – Philips Business School Executive MBA, and has spent a large part of his career in the world of semiconductors, digital television, and telecoms. He also created two start-ups, one in the development of virtual chips which was sold to Silicon Laboratories, and the other in the world of financial applications. Jean-Marc Guyot joined WALLIX in early 2019.

“The multitude of PAM integrations in the Cloud for our customers makes joining our R&D teams key to the success of our product strategy. Bringing together development methods and processes will allow better use of everyone’s abilities, both in terms of skills and in Cloud techniques,” confirms Jean-Marc Guyot.

Serge Adda takes the lead in the WALLIX BestSafe product R&D and of the WALLIX Lab, whose mission, in addition to cybersecurity research activity, is to work on security audits and analysis of all WALLIX products, identify emerging technologies on the cybersecurity market, and develop prototypes to integrate into this ecosystem. Serge Adda has more than twenty years of experience in the world of IT and software publishing and held the position of Vice President of Research and Development for the publisher Infovista for 15 years before joining WALLIX in 2012. Serge is a graduate of the École Nationale des Mines de Saint-Etienne.

“Infrastructure security depends more than ever on seamless integration within the cybersecurity ecosystem. WALLIX continues to invest in this area, in particular by developing integrations with the WALLIX BestSafe product for fixed and mobile endpoints, an increasingly critical subject with the proliferation of attacks against our customers,” says Serge Adda.

All of WALLIX’s R&D work, whether developing the requirements of the product roadmap or anticipating the next technologies, is always focused on delivering positive customer experiences and responding to companies’ needs to secure their digital future.




A software company providing cybersecurity solutions, WALLIX Group is the European specialist in privileged account governance. In response to recent regulatory changes and the cyber security threats affecting all companies today, WALLIX’s solutions help users defend against cyber attacks, theft and data leaks linked to stolen credentials, and abused privileges. It is the first market solution to have been awarded first-level security certification (CSPN) by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) and thus meet all of the criteria for regulatory compliance. Listed on the Euronext under ALLIX and distributed by a network of more than 170 resellers and trained and accredited integrators, WALLIX accompanies more than 1000 companies in securing their digital future.

More information: www.wallix.com | info@wallix.com


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