The National Health Service (NHS) in Birmingham, UK Calls on WALLIX During the Health Crisis to Strengthen the Protection of its Data

  • NHS Birmingham calls on WALLIX to ensure business continuity during the health crisis and continue to save lives.
  • With WALLIX, NHS Birmingham strengthens its cyber security policy and secures all remote access to protect its sensitive and critical data.
  • Thanks to WALLIX, NHS Birmingham meets regulatory requirements with traceability of all actions carried out on their servers and control of all access to the IT system.


Paris, January 26th, 2021 – Since April 2020, WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) a European publisher of cybersecurity software and expert in Identity and Access Security solutions, has supported NHS Birmingham to meet the data protection challenges of the health sector, which have never been greater since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis.

Birmingham Community Healthcare is a part of the UK’s public health system – the National Health Service (NHS) – which covers the West Midlands region, including the city of Birmingham; the second most populous city in the UK after London. NHS Birmingham has 5,000 employees and a catalogue of more than 100 care services provided at home or in the network’s 200 health facilities.

Data, the new black gold of our economy, is highly coveted by hackers. Healthcare institutions, already a target of choice because of their digitally dependent nature and the value of the data they possess, cannot afford to have their business shut down because of a cyber attack, especially during a health crisis. With the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare institutions around the world have had to cope with the massive influx of patients, ensure continuity of care, and limit the spread of the virus through new digital uses: remote working, videoconferencing, collaborative work tools, teleconsultations, dematerialized consultation reports, etc. These new uses, all new gateways for cybercriminals, drastically increase the need for data protection.

It is in this context that NHS Birmingham calls upon WALLIX and deploys, from April 2020, together with the integrator PNL Tools LTD trading as Armstrong, WALLIX Bastion, the flagship solution for managing privileged accounts in WALLIX’s portfolio of unified solutions. As a result, NHS Birmingham is now able to detect intrusions and therefore attempted cyberattacks that could bring business to a standstill. WALLIX Bastion controls and monitors all access to NHS Birmingham’s IT infrastructure. This ensures that sensitive and critical data is protected.

In addition to finding a solution to ensure business continuity during this difficult period, NHS Birmingham needs to increase the security of remote access and comply with regulatory requirements. WALLIX Bastion enables NHS Birmingham to have traceability of all actions performed on servers and applications. In addition, access to the IT system is approved by an administrator, which significantly enhances security, ensuring regulatory compliance with data protection regulations.

“We worked closely with the Armstrong integrator to identify the best solution on the market. Based on their recommendation, we decided to opt for a POC (Proof of Concept) with WALLIX. After a test phase, we knew it was the right solution for us. The WALLIX teams were able to deliver quality advice, while being quick and competent at all times and showed great availability and flexibility in these difficult times. Thanks to WALLIX, we have been able to adapt to the health crisis without any difficulty and in complete security,” explains Iqbal Mahal, Head of Server Infrastructure within the Digital Technology Services at the Birmingham Community Healthcare IT department (BCHC IT).

“WALLIX Bastion gives NHS Birmingham complete control and visibility of all access to their IT infrastructure and sensitive data, ensuring business continuity, resilience to cyberattacks and regulatory compliance. NHS Birmingham can now make more efficient use of IT department resources, as WALLIX Bastion relieves the burden on the IT team. They have more time to focus on strategic tasks and optimizing the IT infrastructure,” concludes Didier Lesteven, Executive Vice President Business Operations at WALLIX.



A software company providing cybersecurity solutions, WALLIX is the European specialist in Identity and Access Security Solutions. WALLIX’s unified solutions portfolio enables companies to respond to today’s data protection challenges. WALLIX solutions guarantee detection of and resilience to cyberattacks, which enables business continuity. The solutions also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements regarding access to IT infrastructures and critical data. The portfolio of unified solutions is distributed through a network of more than 180 resellers and integrators worldwide. Listed on the Euronext (ALLIX), WALLIX supports more than 1,200 organizations in securing their digital transformation. WALLIX is a founding member of the HEXATRUST group and has been included in the Futur40, the first ranking of growth companies on the stock exchange published by Forbes France, and is part of the Tech 40 index.

WALLIX affirms its digital responsibility and is committed to contributing to the construction of a trusted European digital space, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of data for organizations as well as for individuals concerned about the protection of their digital identity and privacy. Digital technology, whether for professional or personal use, must be ethical and responsible in order to pursue a secure societal digital transformation that respects individual freedoms. |



Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust provides community and specialist services within Birmingham and the West Midlands. It delivers over 100 clinical services, out in peoples’ homes and in over 200 hospitals, health centers and clinics. It provides services for adults, children, people with learning disabilities, those with rehabilitation needs, and dental services.



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