Kardham Digital Launches "Kardham Cyber Building" Backed By WALLIX Group to Manage Cybersecurity Services

The First Global Offer Dedicated To Intelligent Building

Paris, 9 March 2020 – Kardham Digital, the Kardham Group’s subsidiary specializing in digital technologies applied to commercial real estate, launched the market’s first holistic offer dedicated to smart building, Kardham Cyber Building, on Thursday, March 5. Operating on the three pillars of the value chain (user journey, energy efficiency and cyber-protection of the building), it is part of Kardham Digital’s ambition to become a key operator in smart building by offering an integrated, responsible and sustainable approach to smart buildings and intelligent work environments. Kardham Digital has also announced a partnership with the French group WALLIX, a software vendor specializing in the field of cyber security.

A solution to meet the challenges of the commercial real estate digital transformation

In recent years, the real estate industry has been undergoing a digital transformation, geared towards a revolution in uses and centered on services and intelligence at the heart of the building. To support its customers (public and private companies, major accounts, SMEs, start-ups, etc.), Kardham Digital, the first Digital Service Company dedicated to digital technologies applied to commercial real estate, has just launched Kardham Cyber Building, the first and only integrated offer on the market dedicated to smart building and capable of covering, addressing and operating the three pillars of the value chain: simplification of the user’s journey, energy management and cyber-security management of the building. Kardham Cyber Building thus ensures the qualification, engineering, production and operation of the solution combining smart office technologies (audiovisual installation of spaces/ software solutions), smart building technologies (IoT/Building Operating System, digital concierge services), and the managed cybersecurity services (design/operation/maintenance of a SOC – operational center for the detection of security incidents) proposed by WALLIX Group.

An unprecedented partnership for the cyber-protection of tertiary buildings

In the world of intelligent building, the promise of technology is equal to the threat. Technological advances are making it possible to build buildings that are more efficient and more intelligent but inherently more vulnerable.

To meet the challenges of cybersecurity, Kardham Digital has joined forces with WALLIX Group, European leader in cybersecurity software solutions and expert in identity, access and data protection. This partnership provides building users with trusted digital services with the ability to meet the regulatory requirements of IT risk management and personal data protection (GDPR).  WALLIX’s comprehensive cyber-security solution turns intelligent buildings into a zone of mobility and trust. By relying on WALLIX Bastion to control access to IT systems internally or remotely, on WALLIX Trustelem to federate digital identities and on WALL4iOT to secure the convergence of IT and OT/IoT networks, Kardham Digital benefits from a global cyber-security solution capable of supporting the digital transformation of its customers’ buildings in complete confidence. This solution also allows the permanent collection of data concerning the use of new intelligent building services and the connected objects in a big data. This data is then exploited through an analysis tool to detect security incidents and prevent potential attacks.

Attracting talent, eco-responsibility and cyber security are the three challenges of the building’s digital transformation. All three contribute equally to our vision of what tomorrow’s office should be. Our mission is to offer our customers a solution that attracts and retains their employees; we also need to optimize their energy consumption in a context of growing environmental awareness; and we need to protect their capital: their employees, their data and their buildings. Therefore, we needed a solution that was both sustainable and agile enough to reconcile the long life cycle of real estate and the very short life cycle of IT; a solution that would allow us to provide metrics in a context of rationalisation of expenditure. In other words, an innovative and holistic solution and that is what Kardham Cyber Building is all about,” says Roman Coste, Managing Director of the Kardham Group.

According to some studies, the number of connected objects is expected to reach 25.1 billion in 2021, increasingly sophisticated and promising, but also increasingly fragile. Because all these IP addresses stuck to each connected object are as many flaws in the building’s computer system. And today, when we talk about ready-to-service buildings, unfortunately we also talk about ready-to-be-hacked buildings. We are proud to be associated with a leading player, known and recognized on its market as WALLIX Group to offer a sustainable solution that allows us to preserve confidence in the digital services offered by the tertiary real estate”, adds Pascal Zératès, Managing Director of Kardham Digital.

Since September 2019, we have been building an industry practice whose objective is to embed cybersecurity in industrial environments and equipment by design. The partnership with Kardham aims to transform intelligent buildings, which are true platforms of connected objects, into trusted buildings of a new kind. The aim is to enable users to benefit from an agile and mobile digital environment in a trusted environment that is permanently protected against the risk of cyber attacks. It is WALLIX’s role to offer building professionals the means to secure the digital future of their tenants. Thanks to this alliance, together with Kardham, we are creating the basis for a new type of intelligent building. It is time to rethink our buildings “privacy by design”,” says Jean-Noël De Galzain, Chairman and CEO of WALLIX Group.





Whether you are an owner, investor, developer, or user, the Kardham Group supports you throughout your real estate planning, from upstream strategy to finalizing your real estate project, in France or worldwide. Kardham brings together nearly 400 employees. Thanks to our BIM, Green, Digital and R&D centres of expertise, our teams of specialists provide you with innovative solutions that guarantee economic, technical, constructive and societal performance to meet your realities and ambitions.

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A software company providing cybersecurity solutions, WALLIX Group is the European specialist in privileged account governance. In response to recent regulatory changes and the cybersecurity threats affecting all companies today, WALLIX’s solutions help users defend against cyber-attacks, theft and data leaks linked to stolen credentials and abused privileges. It is the first market solution to have been awarded first-level security certification (CSPN) by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI) and thus meet all of the criteria for regulatory compliance. Listed on the Euronext under ALLIX and distributed by a network of more than 170 resellers and trained and accredited integrators, WALLIX accompanies more than 1000 companies in securing their digital future.

More information: www.wallix.com | info@wallix.com


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