Glownexus is an agile Digital transformation and Identity Management specialist, established in 2012 in Switzerland.
In Identity and Access Management (IAM), they promote the Zero Trust Framework « Don’t trust, always verify.” Globally 80% of the threats are coming from compromised credentials, and organizations should build their Zero Trust strategy around workforce and partner identities.
Glownexus partners in IAM with global leading solution providers and helps clients to identify, build, and implement standard and bespoke solutions, addressing their specific needs to accelerate business innovation, create gaps, drive efficiency, and secure data for the long term. They’re based in Europe so they can handle sensitive data & software close by.

Glownexus prides itself on its high-quality advisory services, its trustworthy delivery, agility, proximity, and Swiss touch.
Headquartered in Switzerland with affiliates in the UK and Netherlands, Glownexus provides Identity management services from Hungary and India.


Route d’Ollon 5
CH 1860, Aigle (Switzerland)
Tel: 0041 79 308 99 88