Secrutiny is an Incident Response specialist who spend 95% of its time making sure its clients don’t need to respond to incidents. Secrutiny was founded by three people – all veterans who came to realise there is much confusion in the industry… tools were often overly complex, misconfigured and isolated, and adding further ‘layers to the security onion’ at significant cost was not the answer.

Through responding to 300+ incidents, they learnt the way to help organisations NOT to be breached is to support them in achieving better security and risk reduction with what they already have; adding capability, where necessary, based on evidence and risk appetite.

Their Core Principles:

  • Cyber security demands continuous improvement and validation
  • Cyber solutions must be future-proofed
  • Risk and strategy drive priority
  • Plan budgets and build programmes that are supplier agnostic
  • Forensically sound and measurable methods throughout
  • Aim to ‘Operationalise’ via strategy alignment and maturity modelling
  • Use existing capabilities first (Technology Tools, Process and People)
  • Evidence-based decision-making processes.

Contact Secrutiny

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden
London, WC2H 9JQ
Tel.: 0203 8232 999