How IT Operations can benefit from Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management Solutions

Being head of IT Operations in a mid-sized or large enterprise is becoming a more and more demanding challenge. The pressure to deliver business critical projects on time and to budget with increasingly limited resources is getting harder to achieve. A clear understanding of how to leverage privileged access management (PAM) is crucial for CISOs and head of IT operations to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of information security.

How IT Operations can benefit from privileged access management

Successful operations managers stay abreast of the best technologies they know will be easily adopted and supported around the business whilst delivering operational efficiency. Often facing the pressure of hardened IT teams pushing back when “new” technologies are seen to be put in their way, IT operations have to make the best considered choices for the business.

Secure third-party access

In this role, IT Operations often carries the responsibility of managing the flexibility of the workforce to ensure each project has the right resources to maintain the responsiveness of the businesses whist making sure all steps are taken to remain in control and compliant. IT also monitors that operational processes are followed by the flexible workforce whilst maintaining the correct privileged user access. Added to all of this, IT Operations must maintain secure third party access.

Using an increasingly contract based workforce adds to the complexity of who has access to what services across the infrastructure; not enough access it becomes obstructive, too much access it could be a potential high risk.

WALLIX Bastion offers IT Operations teams a seamless way of offering contract and external providers the right access to the right systems across the enterprise. WALLIX Bastion delivers tight control of remote access by external users who may even be sub-contracted personnel with highly specialized skills required by the business.

WALLIX Bastion avoids potential push back from IT teams as it provides a couple of options to control access target resources. Access is given either via the traditional way through a transparent mode using SSO and RDP/SSH clients. Secondly via WALLIX Bastion Access Manager using a simple web portal to access anything, anywhere, and anytime so it extends the service delivery to new IT support members not used to traditional RDP/SSH clients.

WALLIX Bastion avoids potential pushback from IT teams as it provides a couple of options to control access to target resources. Access can be given via the traditional way through a transparent mode using SSO and RDP/SSH clients. Access can also be given via WALLIX Bastion’s Access Manager using a simple web portal. Privileged users can access anything, anywhere, and anytime. This extends service delivery to new IT support members who might not be used to traditional RDP/SSH clients.

Align information security with cyber insurance policy

WALLIX Bastion also complements the belief that cyber insurance is enough. Businesses have to show that appropriate measures have been put in place to mitigate both external and internal attacks. WALLIX Bastion sits comfortably alongside the reassurance of a cyber insurance policy now on offer from a growing number of providers. Our Privileged Access Management platform is an important part of IT Operational goals to align Information Security with Cyber Insurance. WALLIX Bastion shows that key steps have been taken to avoid reputational and financial risk.

Monitor all connections and actions

WALLIX Bastion tracks all connections and actions performed on all configured devices accessed by IT project teams as well as external service providers or contractors. Using the console, Operations leads can view the connection logs and user logins in real-time. This ensures that all actions, whether intentional or totally innocent, are logged and recorded for later review or immediate alert.

This level of functionality offers a best of both world solution for IT Operations leaders. WALLIX Bastion supports the need to have a flexible workforce with absolute control and regulatory compliance.