Test your Cybersecurity Skills: Take the Quiz!

Did you know that the greatest threat your organization faces is from your own privileged users? Intentionally or not, employees and 3rd-party providers with privileged accounts represent your most significant vulnerability to cyber attacks.

As business processes become more and more digital, and organizations move data hosting to the Cloud, the risks of a data breach grow.

The Insider Threat of Privileged Users

Who has administrative access to the servers holding your customer data? Who can modify or handle financial details? How do you deal with external providers who need access to sensitive resources in order to manage your IT infrastructure or fix a problem in your equipment?

Any number of people may need privileged access (e.g., login credentials) to data and servers. How you manage those users – and the actions they take – is critical to your cybersecurity success.

Test your Cybersecurity Skills

Not sure if your IT instincts are up to scratch? Think you’ve got it all down pat? Find out!

Take the Cybersecurity Quiz to test your knowledge of the risks privileged accounts and users pose to your business, and how to avoid serious consequences if they’re not managed properly.

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