Cybersecurity Simplified: Bastion Managed Services

Who better than WALLIX to manage your Bastion?

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is recognized as a critical system for Digital Transformation, allowing organizations to ensure the security of their critical accounts, as well as assisting in complying with required regulations. In fact, Gartner named PAM as the #1 cybersecurity priority for businesses – 2 years running.

Control over privileged access is becoming critical for many businesses facing new challenges, including an increasingly-outsourced workforce and digital accountability. In order to respond to these challenges and help deliver cybersecurity that works for you, WALLIX now offers Bastion Managed Services. With so much to secure and so little time to dedicate to its implementation, WALLIX delivers complete PAM security with minimal impact on your team.

Agility for your multi-faceted organization

Organizations must diversify their activities and adapt to targeted verticals along with organizational growth. Large organizations are often composed of several branches in multiple sectors (healthcare, aviation, finance, etc.) operating across disparate divisions and geographic sites. Naturally, each branch has varying security and compliance priorities which differ from one center to another based on location and industry, but must all cope with scarce resources and limited, centralized budgets.

Compliance with regulation

The number of cybersecurity regulations at national and industry levels has increased exponentially in recent times. Different segments of an organization may need to comply with different (and multiple) regulations. For example, a multi-sector organization might follow GDPR to ensure EU user data privacy, plus HIPAA to control how sensitive data are protected and shared within their US healthcare-related branch, and the NIS Directive to ensure the cyber protection of vital services in other regions. One organization, many disparate regulations.

Budget and team availability

More often than not, IT teams must split their workload and focus between added-value, long-term projects, and day-to-day emergencies. Even if the build and run of a Bastion go smoothly, it still requires team members’ precious time and skill development to administrate it on an ongoing basis. Budget is also an important factor to consider. As with team staffing, budgets are defined far in advance and it can be difficult to engage a CAPEX in the middle of a financial exercise, to face unplanned externalization security challenges, for example.

WALLIX Bastion Managed Services

To face these many challenges, WALLIX presents Bastion Managed Services to facilitate digital transformation.  With the management of your PAM solution taken care of for you, your teams gain the time and flexibility to tackle other projects.

What does Bastion Managed Services offer?

Bastion Managed Services is a yearly subscription that addresses your security and compliance needs with zero TCO (and with minimal involvement of your IT team). With the BUILD and RUN operated by WALLIX, your IT team can stay focused on its priorities.

  • Complete Session Manager and Access Manager capabilities
  • Fully operated Build & Run
  • 24/7 service management PLUS critical incident response within 2 hours
  • Personalized support via a dedicated portal, specialized workshops, and more
  • The latest features and up-to-date Bastion security protection

Get all the benefits of comprehensive Privileged Access Management with hands-off management for true peace of mind.

Learn more about the game-changing benefits of managed services in our webinar, So much to manage, so little time.