The Bastion secures your applications with AAPM

The WALLIX Bastion offers AAPM (application-to-application password management) with a fingerprinting proprietary technology to authenticate third party applications.

What is AAPM?

Several applications of your IT infrastructure require connections to other applications to process theirs services. Just as users have to authenticate to a server to access its services, applications also need to authenticate to those servers. Applications and machines function as privileged users or privileged accounts just as an individual would.

A well-known scenario is the need to allow a server, for example a ticketing server such as Redmine, to authenticate with a directory service (AD). Once the Redmine server is authenticated, it can validate by using the AD connection, the identity of users wishing to access to its services. This way, AD accounts are not duplicated and the overall authentication of your users is centralized.

Application-to-application password management, in effect, eliminates the need for DevOps tools to save passwords, and instead authenticate directly without exposing credentials.

The problem AAPM solves

Today, credentials used from an application to connect to another application are stored within a flat configuration file, most of the time unencrypted. The purpose of AAPM is to eliminate these kind of files as well as hard-coded password that can exist in applications, and to provide a secure mechanism to authenticate an application with another application.

The WALLIX Bastion offers AAPM with a proprietary fingerprinting technology to authenticate third-party applications.


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