WALLIX sees early success as seven cloud providers sign up to deliver on demand privileged user access for their customers

London, UK, 10 September 2015 – WALLIX, the cyber security vendor specializing in access governance for IT infrastructure, today announced that seven specialist Cloud Service Providers have already deployed the new Wallix AdminBastion On Demand (WOD). These early successes in the UK and France come only two months after launch and are a clear confirmation of the relevance of this technology to cloud providers wanting to deliver trusted cloud computing services. This news also demonstrates WALLIX clear innovation in the fields of information security and auditing of privileged user access.


WOD is built on proven Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) technology and is currently the only on-demand solution for managing privileged users. The solution combines a revenue sharing model with near zero deployment time to make it ideal for the cloud. WOD delivers true multi-tenancy and delivers one-click secured access for users through the unified WAB Access Manager provides greater efficiency and IT governance particularly for hybrid cloud environments This helps Cloud Service Providers deliver improved access control and auditing to their customers.


Cloud Services Providers who select WOD can brand their cloud offering as “WAB Inside”. For end customers this is a real seal of trust. The brand allows Cloud Service Providers to ensure that privileged access is managed to keep it secure and monitored and auditing so customers can prove their regulatory compliance and limit the risks linked to third-party access. WOD also acts as a source of business for cloud providers and hosting services who want to attract organizations directly impacted by cybersecurity and compliance (PCI-DSS, Solvency, SAE 16, etc.). These requirements have regulations around Privileged Access Management and protection of sensitive data at their centre. Delivering this capability offers cloud providers a clear benefit in building this award-winning technology into their own offering.

Dominique Meurisse, COO of WALLIX said, “We are proud to announce the signing of our first contracts with these cloud and security specialists.  Atlantic Systèmes, DLP Assured, KAPIA Solutions, OGL MSP, OWENTIS and SCALAIR are now our customers. The label “WAB Inside” creates a network of trusted partners that meet the needs of all companies who want to ensure their cyber security and compliance in the cloud.”

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