WALLIX launches new channel programme to put partners at the heart of its business

WALLIX, the fast growing company that provides solutions for managing privileged access for large and medium enterprises, public organisations and cloud service providers, today announced the WALLIX Partner Programme 2016, designed to maximise value for its partner network offering WALLIX’s new solution Wallix AdminBastion Suite (WAB Suite).

Due to the proliferation of targeted attacks and the numerous risks associated with external application hosting and cloud services, the market for PAM – privileged account management – has seen strong expansion worldwide. As a result, organisations are increasingly seeking ways to simplify password management, manage information security policies, secure access to sensitive data and systems, and manage privileged users’ activity in real-time, whether they are internal or external to the organisation, offering full visibility, especially in the event of a breach.  Furthermore, businesses are looking for solutions that are easy to deploy, fit their specific needs and benefit from excellent support services.

Building on the experience gained from more than 50 integration partners and distributors in 20 countries and an analysis of their expectations, WALLIX has structured its new programme so as to be fully flexible for partners, thus allowing them to deploy WALLIX’s suite of solutions to exactly match the needs of the clients they serve. The WALLIX Partner Programme is designed with its partners’ business expansion in mind, meaning that within the cyber security sector, WALLIX has aligned its goals with those of its partners.


Following extensive research, the training programme has been structured to enable teams of partners manage projects from start to finish. Three courses exist depending on the skills and training required, which lead to an official certification valid for two years: WALLIX Certified Professional (WCP), WALLIX Certified Expert (WCE) and WALLIX Certified Specialist (WCS).


First launched in 2015, WALLIX has now enhanced the programme with many resources: pre-sales support and a technical ‘sneak peek’ at the product roadmap, participation in beta-testing projects, improved margins, channel marketing, integration into WALLIX’s commercial digital strategy, Community Extranet platform, etc. These sizeable investments demonstrate WALLIX’s strategic commitment to making its partner ecosystem the main lever for the company’s growth in a high-demand market. It is designed to reward partners’ ability to provide superior support to its clients.


The programme comprises three levels of accreditation available to integrators and distributors. It incentivises partner engagement and the level of services they offer businesses.

The first level, called INITIAL, is for partners who want to discover and offer the WALLIX to their customers, while benefiting from WALLIX’s support.

The next level, PREMIER, enables partners to consolidate and build on their expertise in this field and offer customers a proven service track record with WAB Suite. PREMIER partners will need certification credentials in the form of one Wallix Certified Perofessional and one Wallix Certified Expert.

Finally the ELITE level allows partners to offer differentiated services while benefiting from a high level of expertise on the software suite WAB Suite. This level requires at least two people certified WCP and two certified WCE. In addition to the technical support offered by Wallix, the integrator or distributor can benefit from additional expertise (WCS) allowing them to provide a first level support to companies.

Jean-Noël GALZAIN, CEO of WALLIX, commented, « The launch of Wallix AdminBastion Suite offers a simple and affordable solution for users who need to manage the risks associated with privileged accounts, which are at the heart of most cyber attacks. This led us to rethink our partner programme to meet the strong market demand worldwide. Our new programme includes access to technical and business resources that enable our partners to rapidly integrate our solutions and respond to projects of any size in France and abroad. Giving more autonomy to our partners in the way they run their projects, we wanted to position them as a key component of our new deployment strategy. This also allows us to focus onwhat we do best – further develeping our offering. »

Ana Scott – Simon Quarendon