<h2 class=’cp-title’>WALLIX expands to Germany as part of European growth strategy</h2>

Munich, November 10th 2015 – WALLIX, the cyber security vendor specializing in access governance for IT infrastructure, announces its expansion strategy for the German market. The plans include building a team for the DACH region, developing of marketing and sales network and expansion revenue created in the region.

For WALLIX the investment in Germany proves that there are big plans in progress in the country, and a high demand to satisfy with Cybersecurity trusted solutions. As software-specialist for privileged access management in large and medium sized enterprises, public organizations and cloud service providers, WALLIX aims for a long-term involvment on the German market. All products by WALLIX are built to secure and control sessions and actions taking by users. Key product is the WAB Software Suite that allows easy and secure management of access rights and precise administration of accounts in combination with event-logging through SIEM-technology.

The first value add distribution partner is SoftShell that will help spreading the message and bring WALLIX closer to end user. SoftShell delivers a wide network of channel partners with a strong focus on the enterprise market. It also will help WALLIX in the transaction to a full local presence.

“By putting more effort into the German-speaking region we will be able to continue our successful European growth course. Within a changing threat landscape and with new IT-policies in Germany and the EU we are able to meet the demands of this particular market”, says Wallix CEO Jean Noel de Galzain. “A big benefit is, of course, our knowledge of the market. As next-door neighbour we have better insight into the needs than vendors from over sea have. So I am confident that users soon will recognize our presence.”

WALLIX assures protection of all critical IT assets including data, servers, terminals and connected devices. The benefit for customers is the  most effective route to security and compliance by reducing its users’ biggest security risk – privileged access to IT.

“Especially now it needs strong entrepreneurs to guarantee security and compliance in the cyber world. We as European software company specializing in access, compliance and audit solutions understand what IT-directors in the region need”, says Jean-Noel de Galzain”, We are ready for the changing threat landscape and allow full compliance with policy requirements. The expected EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Network Information Security Directive (NIS) are just two examples that companies have to deal with besides individual national policy. And with the expansion to Germany WALLIX can provide its best-practice solution made in Europe.”

The innovation by WALLIX suites the demand of modern IT-infrastructure and allows compliance with the most important industry and security norms. WAB enables organizations to comply with legal security norms like ISO 27001 and also with sector specific regulations like PCI or HIPPA. Logs and audits can be granular adjusted to any conditions to fulfil individual levels of compliance. Through the advanced technology WAB fits organizations of nearly all sizes and allow visibility and control at any time.


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