WALLIX announced the world’s first on-demand solution for privileged access management

WALLIX (www.wallix.com), the software company that provides cyber-security and governance solutions for information systems access, today (2nd July 2015) announced the world’s first on-demand solution for privileged access management.

The vendor is launching its new product – WAB On Demand (WOD) – to help service providers dealing with sensitive data deliver improved access control and auditing to their customers. Based on a multi-tenancy, pay per user model, WOD requires no prior investment and no fixed costs.

Helping Cloud Service Providers meet the audit and compliance concerns of their customers

The new product meets the higher levels of security and compliance demanded by businesses who are migrating their IT to the cloud. Despite widespread adoption of cloud services1, the perception that it carries risk remains high among security professionals2, with one of the most significant barriers to cloud implementation being the increased compliance and regulatory challenges that organisations face when choosing to move to cloud services or hosted solutions3.

Built on existing Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) technology, WAB On Demand (WOD) helps cloud and managed service providers to address these concerns with a unique product dedicated to the auditing and control of privileged access.

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst and Founder of KuppingerCole noted, “A growing proportion of organisations are turning to outsourcing and the cloud, seeking more guarantees on how these resources are accessed, secured and consistent with business requirements. Solutions such as the WOD combine the security and visibility needed to adopt the cloud with confidence and thus should be evaluated as part of the overall information security framework.”

Chris Pace, WALLIX Head Of Product Marketing in the UK said, “Being able to manage and audit privileged user access to hosted systems means that Cloud Service Providers can assure their customers that only the right users have the right access, all while meeting their contractual requirements and keeping customer environments effectively segmented ”

WOD provides this increased control and auditing which means that service providers can play their part in putting their customers on a fast route to compliance. The new product delivers not only full activity logs but also screen captures and video recordings of every privileged user session;  information that is invaluable in the event of a security breach.

WOD is built on a multi tenancy model, providing a single window for managed, secured and monitored remote access to all the customer resources that a service provider is responsible for.

Better visibility for customers, business advantages for providers

Dominique Meurisse, COO of WALLIX said, “We are seeing an extremely fast adoption rate for this solution. Providers see that WOD can offer them a key differentiator in their market as well as reducing many customer concerns regarding the risks associated with outsourcing. The scalability of WOD is also a factor, allowing for a smaller implementation to be quickly expanded to meet the customers need.”

When packaged in a hosting solution, WOD is extremely attractive to both existing customers and potential new clients. Adopting a business model that requires no initial investment or fixed cost allows for scalability and a solution that will grow with the customer’s needs.

WOD enables comprehensive real-time monitoring of the activities of its stakeholders in each individual client environment and secures management of access, creating an on demand password vault which removes the weaknesses of shared credentials. WOD also protects the provider by delivering concrete and invaluable evidence of their commitment to defined SLAs when accessing managed resources for their customers.

Jean-Noel Galzain CEO of WALLIX conclude, “Just weeks after our successful IPO on the Alternext market of Euronext, WALLIX GROUP confirms with this launch its capacity for innovation, enabling us to enhance our offering to the Privileged Access Management market . WOD will be an important lever for development internationally, addressing a clear need in the cloud computing space. This launch confirms WALLIX ambition to become a leader in the next generation of cyber security solutions.”


1. Microsoft believes that the global market for cloud services has multiplied by 2.5 between 2009 and 2014 to reach $106bn
2. Cloud Security Spotlight Bitglass 2015 confirms that 90% are concerned about the security of cloud computing
3. A recent report by the Cloud Security Alliance noted that 80% of respondents require greater transparency and enhanced audit controls

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Date: 2nd July 2015

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