WALLIX, a developer of cybersecurity and information systems access management solutions, announces that its ADMINBASTION Suite solution is now:

  • Certified for Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Available in the Amazon Linux AMI environment (supplied by Amazon Web Services – AWS)

WALLIX ADMINBASTION (WAB) Suite protects your data and ensures the compliance of privileged user activity, by recording sessions and managing passwords. With this new version, WALLIX undertakes and acquires the means to support its clients and its network of partners in their transition to cloud computing.

Certification and the availability of our solution on the cloud, via Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables our clients and our network of partners to access and quickly deploy WAB Suite. They can therefore very easily secure their applications and data on the cloud.

The advantage of the Azure and AWS environments is that they are fully configurable, agile, offer high availability and optimise scalability (immediate access from Microsoft Azure and a private AMI at your disposal for simplified and centralised deployment management). The bastion host also makes it possible to oversee transitions to cloud computing, by managing and securing hybrid environments (cloud-hosted instances shared with instances deployed on site).

WALLIX’s new version of the bastion host also makes it easier for existing clients to migrate to password management, thereby optimising privileged access management. Functions such as multi-screen management and workflow optimisation are also included in WAB 5.0.2.

“We are very pleased with this announcement. The Azure and AWS environments very quickly acquired the maturity required to meet the demands of complex projects that support the growth of numerous companies. The new cloud-based version of WAB Suite gives many companies the opportunity to rethink their processes, not only in terms of costs but also with greater concern for the security of their digital assets.” declares Serge Adda, CTO of WALLIX

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