Quick opts for Wallix AdminBastion to monitor the actions of its external service providers on its network

Paris, 6 may 2015 – Quick opts for Wallix AdminBastion to monitor the actions of its external service providers on its network

Founded in Belgium in 1970, Quick has been for more than forty years, one of the leading fast food chains specializing in burgers. Ever since its creation, the group has opened almost 500 restaurants in France, then in Belgium as well as in Luxembourg, Reunion, New Caledonia and Martinique. It has more than 19 000 employees.

Fabien Chevrel is Quick’s datacenter and information security manager. His mission is to manage both datacenters, one located in France and the other in Belgium, and to take charge, in particular, of all issues relating to servers, storage and networks. He also performs the group’s information security duties (selection of solutions, technological watch, observation of new threats, implementation of policies, etc.). He manages a team of five people.

Initial needs

A dozen of external service providers carry out support and maintenance operations remotely on the sensitive applications on Quick’s information system. As the population of external service providers grows along with a company the size of Quick, password management can become tedious, restrictive and problematic.
The Wallix AdminBastion solution is introduced by Brain Networks that is the Quick systems integrator. At the time, without any concrete plans to acquire a privileged user monitoring and management solution, Fabien Chevrel saw the solution providing the possibility of centralizing passwords and managing them subtly without communicating them to the said service providers.


In collaboration with Brain Networks, Mr Chevrel tested WALLIX’s solution, while finding out about competitive solutions on the market. After several weeks of tests, convinced that Wallix AdminBastion was the solution that was most relevant to his needs, he adopted the product. In a very short time, a cluster of two WAB 50s in high availability was implemented directly on Quick’s network (on the VLAN). The implementation phases, setting and training were conducted by Brain Networks has played a strategic role in the launch of the project.

Advantages of the solution

On the network, WAB is the central and unique authentication and connection point for all external service providers. They now no longer log on in a disorganized and disorderly manner to the various resources on the network, but must authenticate via WAB, which then redistributes access according to the delegated privileges. Authorization is given only by a single machine – WAB. Fabien Chevrel now no longer needs to communicate any passwords to his administrators or external service providers. Likewise, as these populations are likely to grow, the management of their privileges is now centralized and a lot easier.

Thanks to Wallix AdminBastion, whenever an incident arises, the demarcation of perimeters between internal teams and external actors is clearly defined.

“Wallix AdminBastion is a solution for tracking and monitoring privileged users that is adapted to the needs of Quick.”
Fabien Chevrel, Datacenter and information security manager, Quick

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