LicenCing Options
for your privileged access

management solution

At Wallix we offer several flexible ways to acquire our award winning Privileged Access Management Wallix Admin Bastion (WAB) Suite, delivering the product in the best way to suit all needs, procurement processes and budgets, making it easier for your business to mitigate your biggest security risks.


On Premise

If you prefer to have complete visibility of your WAB Suite implementation within your existing infrastructure, Wallix offers you the right solution that allows your own IT team to implement and evaluate the potential of the platform. This offers the scope to begin in critical areas of the business and grow in line with your needs. Where your security posture is critical, you are free to minimise your risk by administering your WAB Suite implementation with your existing IT resources.

Designed to be the most efficient entry point into the WAB Suite. Unlike our On Premise option, where budgetary restraints are a potential issue or regular monthly costs are preferred, we offer the flexibility to grow your requirement on a monthly basis with our WAB On Demand offering that requires no upfront investment. This truly scalable model allows you to extend your requirement as your need to control access matures. Also, our On Demand service can also be delivered within your own organisation even if you have a Shared IT Services Centre.


On Demand Monthly
Subscription Model


Subscription Model

This is the preferred option where an agreed annual fixed cost is the priority. This delivers a budgeted fixed annual cost for WAB Suite and protects you against fluctuations in pricing and includes the required support cost for the period. Through our Annual Subscription option, you have the ability to deploy as many WAB solutions as you wish on shared or hosted resources (server, applications, SANs, network, firewall). You can also be assured that all published updates are included in this package.

Where IT resources are heavily utilised and business needs are driving priorities to become and remain compliant, our WAB Managed Service is the ideal fit for both SMB and Enterprise customers. This option offers a number of key advantages from time to deploy, to uncompromised service levels. Our fully Managed Service removes the need to invest time and valuable resource into deployment, configuration and upgrading. Save time and the expense of training the required expertise, maximising your resources in other business critical areas whilst using our Managed Service to dramatically reduce your time to deploy and time to becoming fully compliant.


Services Model

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