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Privileged user management

All organisations have privileged users who are granted far more extensive rights in the information systems than normal users and therefore require particular attention.

The challenge is two-fold, since it is vital to both maintain a high level of security surrounding access rights to systems and devices, while also managing a pool of multiple accounts and outsourced services with sometimes high turnover rates. It is also essential to have a clear picture of the actions performed by these privileged users.


Wallix AdminBastion facilitates Privileged User Management providing the ability to assign access rights to selected elements of the information infrastructure. The granularity of access control policies possible with WAB is extremely fine, making it easy to create rights for new administrators based on predefined and customisable profiles. Access rights can be prepared in advance but only enabled for a given period (the duration of an external service provider's engagement, for example). WAB ensures optimised and secure access control. 

Benefits: The solution delivers enhanced visibility of all activity by privileged users in the information system. In the event of a problem, Wallix AdminBastion quickly locates a failure or problem for prompt corrective action.

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