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Networks, servers and applications are vital to your organisation’s success and security. To maintain these systems you’ll always need to let certain privileged users access them. The data on these systems is becoming ever more subject to scrutiny and the requirements of compliance, so you’ll need to consider how you can trace activity and make sure you have comprehensive auditing to meet compliance.

WALLIX provides innovative security solutions specialising in traceability and secure access to corporate IT systems. Our expertise focuses on PUM (Privileged User Management) and SIEM (Security Information & Event Management).

WALLIX offers a range of hardware and software solutions engineered to control the risks associated with internal and external access to the organisation's network, servers and applications, manage privileged users as well as gathering and analysing connection logs.

It’s likely you’re searching for innovation in the IT security products you select. Improving governance of your infrastructure and ensuring compliance with regulations designed to manage IT risks. WALLIX solutions might benefit you if your industry is heavily regulated your organisation has adapted a cloud computing strategy, or you partially or fully outsource your IT requirements.

WALLIX solutions are engineered to perform in the operating and regulatory environments of any organisation looking to get better visibility and comprehensive auditing of all system activity.



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