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Single Sign-On

The Wallix AdminBastion is a central authentication point for all privileged users.

Users sign on to the Wallix AdminBastion with their login and password, which then gives them direct access to authorised target devices, without the need to re-authenticate.

Wallix AdminBastion's Single-Sign-On enables users to connect to all authorised devices with their personal password, without the need for an additional password for the account on the target device.

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There are three steps in the authentication process :

First, the Wallix AdminBastion user enters their credentials for the product (login/password or SSH key), which are then either stored in Wallix AdminBastion or an external directory (LDAP, Active Directory, Radius, etc.).

Next, the user indicates the devices to connect to and the account to use (e.g. Sun server via the account root@...).

If the user has the required access rights to use this account on this device, the Wallix AdminBastion logs onto the target device and sends the login/password pair corresponding to the credentials of the account to use on the target device.

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Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Single Sign-On (SSO)
Home / Products / WALLIX ADMINBASTION / Single Sign-On (SSO)