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Wallix AdminBastion

Privileged users are those who have elevated rights to your IT infrastructure. They may be internal system administrators or external service providers responsible for the remote management or maintenance of systems.

You want to make sure you can manage these privileged users as they increase the risks surrounding your sensitive and confidential information. And continuous compliance with the increasing number of regulatory standards, such as ARJEL, Basel, SOX, PCI DSS and laws governing the control of electronic medical records are becoming critical to your business.

Wallix AdminBastion is a solution to help your organisation manage and monitor users who have privileged access to IT infrastructure, including servers, business applications and other devices.

AdminBastion is able to monitor activity on systems of any operating system in real time, give immediate access to video recordings of these sessions as well as comprehensive auditing to help you meet compliance requirements.

Our solution creates a single gateway with single sign-on for access by members of internal IT teams or third party service providers. Access rights and passwords to servers and other devices can be handled in a single console helping to manage IT team turnover and ensure that critical servers cannot be accessed by individuals no longer authorised to do so. It provides records and audit trails to demonstrate optimised compliance with applicable standards (ISO2700, PCI DSS, etc.).

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