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Quick opts for Wallix AdminBastion to monitor the actions of its external service providers on its network

Paris, 6 may 2015 - Quick opts for Wallix AdminBastion to monitor the actions of its external service providers on its network

Founded in Belgium in 1970, Quick has been for more than forty years, one of the leading fast food chains specializing in burgers. Ever since its creation, the group has opened almost 500 restaurants in France, then in Belgium as well as in Luxembourg, Reunion, New Caledonia and Martinique. It has more than 19 000 employees.

Fabien Chevrel is Quick’s datacenter and information security manager. His mission is to manage both datacenters, one located in France and the other in Belgium, and to take charge, in particular, of all issues relating to servers, storage and networks. He also performs the group’s information security duties (selection of solutions, technological watch, observation of new threats, implementation of policies, etc.). He manages a team of five people.

Initial needs

A dozen of external service providers carry out support and maintenance operations remotely on the sensitive applications on Quick’s information system. As the population of external service providers grows along with a company the size of Quick, password management can become tedious, restrictive and problematic.
The Wallix AdminBastion solution is introduced by Brain Networks that is the Quick systems integrator. At the time, without any concrete plans to acquire a privileged user monitoring and management solution, Fabien Chevrel saw the solution providing the possibility of centralizing passwords and managing them subtly without communicating them to the said service providers.


In collaboration with Brain Networks, Mr Chevrel tested WALLIX’s solution, while finding out about competitive solutions on the market. After several weeks of tests, convinced that Wallix AdminBastion was the solution that was most relevant to his needs, he adopted the product. In a very short time, a cluster of two WAB 50s in high availability was implemented directly on Quick’s network (on the VLAN). The implementation phases, setting and training were conducted by Brain Networks has played a strategic role in the launch of the project.

Advantages of the solution

On the network, WAB is the central and unique authentication and connection point for all external service providers. They now no longer log on in a disorganized and disorderly manner to the various resources on the network, but must authenticate via WAB, which then redistributes access according to the delegated privileges. Authorization is given only by a single machine – WAB. Fabien Chevrel now no longer needs to communicate any passwords to his administrators or external service providers. Likewise, as these populations are likely to grow, the management of their privileges is now centralized and a lot easier.

Thanks to Wallix AdminBastion, whenever an incident arises, the demarcation of perimeters between internal teams and external actors is clearly defined.

“Wallix AdminBastion is a solution for tracking and monitoring privileged users that is adapted to the needs of Quick.”
Fabien Chevrel, Datacenter and information security manager, Quick

Contact Presse : Franck TUPINIER - Agence MyNtic-PR - TEL : 06 74 68 37 93 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Introducing Wallix AdminBastion 4.2

Paris, 19/03/2015: WALLIX ( which engineers products that give customers all over the world a better way to manage and secure access to IT infrastructure for privileged users introduces its new release Wallix AdminBastion 4.2 (WAB 4.2).

How often do you need to allow one of your external service providers to access one of your critical resources or temporarily increase the privileges of someone in your IT team?
In WAB 4.2 it is now extremely simple to authorise and control access to a resource via a user driven approval workflow system. This feature will automatically give an approved user access for a defined period of time:

    • Simple form for user to request privileged access
    • Access is timed based and disabled automatically
    • Unrivalled visibility and auditing of sessions with real-time monitoring and recording

We’re committed to making WALLIX products easy to use and this feature is no different.  Users can apply in real time or in advance, notification is received by email, there’s a free text box so users can justify the request and the final consent or refusal is just two clicks.

There’s no doubt that Approval Workflow in WAB 4.2 strengthens your compliance state and helps you meet regulatory requirements, as you have total control of any connection to your critical resources and the audit trail to prove it.
WAB 4.2 also delivers a new API allowing automatic provisioning for WAB users, accounts, target resources, access rights, etc. Helping to automate the administration of the WAB, this feature is also part of our dedication to keeping WALLIX simple so you can optimize your total cost of ownership.

Marc Balasko, Product Manager at WALLIX says, “It’s crucial in today’s enterprise to ensure that privileged access to systems isn’t secure but also managed and traced.  We provide a simple solution to this challenge that CIOs and CISOs can trust. These innovative features in WAB 4.2 mean that securely giving access to a third-party provider or increasing the rights of an internal staff member is easier than ever, while ensuring full traceability of the actions they performed.”

Press Contact : Franck TUPINIER - Agence MyNtic-PR - TEL : 06 74 68 37 93 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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WALLIX announces strong growth in 2014, and an acceleration of its international development

Paris, 03/03/2015: WALLIX ( which engineers products that give customers all over the world a better way to manage and secure access to IT infrastructure for privileged users has confirmed its strong market position, registering  growth of 50% in its software business internationally.

This exceptional performance has seen around one hundred new contracts globally including The AMF, The Company of Greater Paris, Paris Chamber of Commerce, Armand Thiery France, Gulf Air, Danagaz, PSSLAI, Tourism Development & Investment Company and HSCIC.

WALLIX business outside France now represents almost a third of all business activity and their Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) solution is now installed in more than 20 countries with an especially strong user base in EMEA.

These results are the first fruits of a strategic and ambitious development plan that will position WALLIX as a world leader in the emerging market of Privileged Account Management (PAM), identified by leading analysts Gartner and KuppingerCole as one of the most dynamic areas in the IT security space. In 2014, WALLIX has maintained its intensity of investment in R&D to create differentiating new features and maintain ease of use in the WAB, developed new APIs to make the software more flexible than ever in customer environments and drives towards new major developments to be delivered in 2015.

WALLIX has also strengthened its operational teams. Recruiting a Channel Manager to develop a new global partner program and the establishing of a team of 5 people in new offices in London.

2015 will see an acceleration in this aggressive strategy, with investment in three key areas: strengthening the product offering with the introduction of major innovations, continuing development internationally and finally the development of a new sales support program and increased investment in marketing activities.

Jean-Noel Galzain CEO of WALLIX says, "The Snowden affair was an indicator of the need to take seriously how privileged accounts are managed in enterprise IT infrastructure. We find that the value of Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) is now being recognised among new clients as this area becomes of greater concern to CISOs and IT security teams. This is an emerging trend in the IT security market and following the awards we received in 2014 is a recognition of the WAB’s ease of implementation, features and scalability. Some customers now manage access to more than 20,000 resources (servers, applications, databases) daily by more than 1,500 administrators or privileged users. And the traceability of privileged accounts has become the starting point for investigations following breaches or targeted attacks."

Press Contact : Franck TUPINIER - Agence MyNtic-PR - TEL : 06 74 68 37 93 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wallix unveil their global Channel Strategy for 2015

Paris, 20/01/2015 : WALLIX (, a vendor of specialized security solutions in traceability and securing privileged access to corporate information systems,  unveiled a new global channel  program for 2015 at its partner conference in Paris. More than 30 certified partners gathered for the annual event which also saw UNIDEES win the Best International Partner award and BULL, an Atos Company, win for Best Partner in France.

WALLIX aggressive channel strategy for 2015 will accelerate business for partners offering Wallix AdminBastion (WAB). Dominique Meurisse, WALLIX COO said, "It’s our ambition to grow faster than a market growing at more than 20 % per year, this objective relies exclusively on our partners." To achieve this goal, WALLIX has launched a partner program that focuses investment on two complementary levels of integration partners as well as opening opportunities for Managed Service Providers and Consulting companies to leverage its growth.

The launch of this program follows the arrival of Marc Gueroult, Channel Manager, who joined WALLIX in 2014 to develop this new strategy. Through this program available in France and globally, WALLIX will recognise the loyalty of its existing partners and expand its network, which currently includes over 50 companies in over 20 countries.

Specifically, the WAB Global Partner Program is structured around 4 levels designed to reward partners their commitment to WALLIX and its customers:
- Elite and Premier levels for integrators
- Consulting Program for Consulting Firms
- MSSP Program for Managed Services Providers
Marc Gueroult concluded, "The launch of our program is a strategic announcement for WALLIX which has invested heavily to create value-added packages. The contribution of our partners to our growth is key to our continuing development. We will continue to invest to create lasting relationships based on mutual trust and honesty with our network and giving us the platform to stand out in this high-growth market.”

Press Contact : Franck TUPINIER - MyNtic-PR Agency - TEL : +33 (0)6 74 68 37 93 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wallix AdminBastion’s compatibility now extends to the main hypervisors on the market

The vendor now covers Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM and VMWare in particular.

KVM Microsoft Hyper-V et KVM wallixParis, April 15th 2014:WALLIX, European vendor specializing in the traceability and control of privileged accounts announced today the compatibility of Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 (WAB) with virtualization infrastructures Microsoft Hyper-V and KVM. Last year, the vendor had announced the compatibility of its Privileged User Management solution with VMware ESX Server.

For the specialist in the traceability and control of privileged accounts, compatibility with these new hypervisors means that WAB is available not only in the form of hardware appliances, but integrates in the market’s main virtualization environments as well. Businesses can thus deploy the privileged user management solution in the technical architecture of their choice. This gives the solution high operational flexibility and unmatched versatility on the market.

For example, compatibility with KVM now allows installing WAB in OpenStack architectures which have been adopted by many public, hybrid and private cloud providers, thereby providing “cloud” infrastructures with a level of security similar to the levels found in internal corporate infrastructures.

Likewise, WAB’s compatibility with Microsoft Hyper-V allows many clients, such as administrations or hospitals that have opted for this technology, to deploy Wallix AdminBastion while benefiting from the ecosystem existing around Microsoft Hyper-V.

Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of WALLIX commented, “We have been increasingly successful on the market, in France as well as abroad. Extending Wallix AdminBastion’s compatibility to other hypervisors was naturally the next step to a trend that began with VMware ESX coverage and WAB’s VMWare Ready certification. As virtual environments are becoming more widespread due to the advantages for which they are known, it has become strategic for WALLIX to be able to offer these infrastructures a solution that can further strengthen their security, especially in terms of privileged user management. Eventually, it will be possible to integrate Wallix AdminBastion into any type of virtual infrastructure.”

In order to complement support for these virtualization infrastructures, WALLIX has issued a new type of “corporate” license, that will enable the deployment of as many WABs as necessary to protect a defined number of resources. As such, any WALLIX client with a corporate license can accurately adapt his WAB infrastructure to his technical requirements, without having to acquire additional licenses.

Download a free trial version of Wallix AdminBastion, please visit:



WAB as a Service: WALLIX launches AdminBastion in MSSP mode

The French vendor now offers its clients the possibility of installing Wallix AdminBastion, its privileged user traceability and control solution, in their infrastructures while delegating the administration and daily operation of the product to a trusted third party

WABASParis, April 1st, 2014: WALLIX, European leader in the traceability of access and management of privileged accounts announced today the launch of its WAB As A Service (WaaS) range, which now makes it possible to own a privileged user traceability and control solution in an information system administered by a trusted third party.

This range is aimed especially at CIOs and CISOs who are convinced of the helpfulness of Privileged User Management solutions such as Wallix AdminBastion, but whose resources for operating one are limited.

For Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of WALLIX, “The challenges of controlling privileged users keep growing. The number of incidents – whether voluntary or involuntary – relating to these internal or external user populations increases every single day. Most of the incidents have huge financial repercussions arising from the increase in privileges granted on a database or sensitive system. This would be a hacker’s logical approach after having managed to penetrate a network. However, we noticed that certain decision makers are restricted in the way they use PUM solutions due to a lack of human resources dedicated to the daily operation of the solution. In this context, WALLIX provides a solution in a fully administered service mode and transforms the initial investment into a rental that includes the solution as well as its operation.”

The principle of this range is very simple: a Wallix AdminBastion solution, scaled to the requirements of the company, is installed in the premises then managed by a trusted third party who takes charge of the day-to-day administration and operation of the solution, specifically: installation of WAB, remote monitoring, operation (adding/deleting users, modifying resources or administrators and  maintenance).

The range also includes the generation of a monthly report summarizing the overall activity on Wallix AdminBastion.


There are many advantages to WAB as a Service:

Full delegation of the project to a trusted third party:
- From the installation stage to day-to-day management, PUM becomes a solution. The availability of teams is no longer an issue, and they can as such focus on the information produced by a neutral third party instead of on the production of information

Financial flexibility of the implementation:
- There is no investment in terms of licenses or maintenance, and actual cost can be planned, as WaaS is based on a flat rate in the form of a monthly fee that includes the cost of human intervention.

Jean-Noël de Galzain added “This new range follows a trend that is already strong on the IT market. There is indeed a considerable divide between the diversity or even the number of solutions on the market, and the available resources for administering them in a company. In this context, the service mode makes perfect sense. Offering WAB As A Service means giving our clients the opportunity to benefit from the best in the innovation of protection from internal threats, governance of the access granted to external service providers, and password management, while keeping investment costs low, without the deployment constraints and without having to form internal teams. In short, it’s protection with an immediate return on investment.”

WAB as a Service is already available.  Quotes will be given upon request.

To find out more about WAB as a Service, please contact WALLIX at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The free trial version of Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 is now available


Having been tested by clients and resellers during a beta testing campaign,
Wallix AdminBastion is now available in a free trial version on the website of the French vendor
of privileged user traceability and control solutions.

Paris, February 25th 2014: WALLIX, European vendor specializing in the traceability and access control of privileged accounts has announced that its WAB 4.0 solution, the latest major version of its solution, is now available in a free trial version.

This new version of Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 focuses on two major areas: productivity and the extension of traceability to applications and databases. Extending traceability to business applications makes the monitoring of privileged accounts accessible and fully adaptable to the production restrictions of information systems with regard to the management of IT risks.

Traceability of privileged access to applications

Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 allows providing users with single sign-on authentication (SSO) when they access information systems, then logging access to sensitive data and saving operations performed. These features cover the business applications that are essential to the proper running of the business (finance, R&D, CRM, business applications, etc) as much as they cover the infrastructure’s management applications (hypervisors, databases, etc). The CISO or auditor will therefore gain access to data saved in real time or in deferred time, which enables avoiding certain deliberate or involuntary incidents, and having increased visibility over the activity of all users who have access and administration privileges on applications such as VMware ESX, Oracle, MySQL etc. that may prove critical to the business.

Transparent integration into directories: easier provisioning, integration into the IS and lower TCO

WALLIX has developed a new provisioning system that meets the operating restrictions encountered by IT teams which manage one or several directories that are sometimes voluminous and often require regular updates. This new feature added to Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 enables seamless integration into an Active Directory Server or LDAP infrastructure to manage users and their privileges. Thanks to this new feature, provisioning becomes easier, less time is taken for the integration process and as a consequence, the total cost of ownership Wallix AdminBastion greatly decreases.

Signing and encrypting saved data: strengthening proof 

The probative value of security solutions is essential when fraud occurs or an incident arises and there is a need to determine liability, the source of a problem and the amends to be made.

Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 encrypts and signs all saved sessions to guarantee their non-repudiation, validity and confidentiality. These saving and encryption features allow in particular assigning a legal value to the logs gathered by WAB, which may then be used as evidence in the event of a security incident or an audit. The CISO or CIO can then monitor the activity of its external or internal service providers and find a solution to the requirements for producing evidence or accountability or even enforcing compliance with local and international standards of managing IT risk.

Marc Balasko, Product Manager at WALLIX, commented, “Thanks to WAB’s new traceability features, our clients can finally monitor and secure the administration of their critical applications, and thereby meet increasingly tighter regulatory restrictions. WAB now allows you to know exactly what privileged users are doing and keep control over their activity regardless of their scope of intervention.”

“The increase in pressure on IT budgets has pushed a growing number of companies to outsource and use applications in the cloud, despite the potential risks that these choices expose them to. With Wallix AdminBastion 4.0, we offer a major version that not only allows monitoring users’ access to the infrastructure, but to applications as well as to the Company’s sensitive data. In a context of omnipresent risk, extending the vision from an application point of view to an infrastructure point of view allows integrating risk management into the governance of the information system and greatly raising the level of security to meet business compliance needs (healthcare data, PCI-DCCS, MSSP, SOX, etc) without holding back the capacity of our clients’ IS to adapt to the needs of the market,” emphasized Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and Founder of WALLIX. “Thanks to our users’ feedback, this major version of WAB also provides innovations in user experience and in the installation of the solution in its IT context. With these innovations and more maturity, we are better equipped today to keep up with the need for traceability in our client’s information systems, raise their level of digital trust and step up to the position of leader on the Privileged Account Management market.”

To download the trial version:


Wallix AdminBastion is now certified VMware Ready

vmware ready logo

Paris, February 26th 2014: The virtualization of servers is increasingly transforming the relationship that corporations have with IT every single day. Virtualization provides currently operational information systems with unequalled levels of flexibility, speed and automation for their applications. Nonetheless, the need to secure access to these poorly monitored environments is becoming more and more pressing.


WALLIX, European leader specializing in the traceability, monitoring and securing of privileged accounts, has announced that its solution Wallix AdminBastion is now certified VMware Ready™.  This certification indicates that the solution was evaluated and had gone through a battery of detailed tests conducted by VMware and is now included as a virtual appliance solution in the product catalogue of VMware partners.


Passing the intensive VMware-specific tests adds to the guarantee that the Wallix AdminBastion solution is extremely compatible with VMware’s technology and that it can readily be deployed in clients’ production environments.


The VMware Ready program is a VMware co-branding program for certified partner products, which is an advantage of VMware’s Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. With more than 1 800 members worldwide, VMware’s TAP program unites leading technological partners to provide them with a full set of VMware commercial and technical services, assistance, tools and expertise so that collective clients enjoy the best advantages.


When asked about this certification, Jean-Noël de Galzain, CEO and founder of WALLIX enthused, “Seeing the Wallix AdminBastion solution enter the VMware Ready™ program is a new breakthrough. Our clients can now be reassured of our product satisfying VMware’s specific interoperability criteria and of the fact that the solution we are offering can readily be run in demanding production environments. It’s an additional guarantee of quality that will raise our solutions’ level of reliability.


Serge Adda, Product Vice-President at WALLIX, explains “This certification is a great source of pride for us. It falls in line with a process of continuous improvement that aims to adapt Wallix AdminBastion in the best way possible to our clients’ needs and environments, both by simplifying its use and reducing its operating cost.


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Wallix AdminBastion obtains ANSSI First Level Security Certification (CSPN)

logo-v10-macaron-comete web-1e595Wallix AdminBastion is the first traceability and privileged user management solution to be certified by France’s Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI).

Paris, 26 November 2013: WALLIX, the software vendor specialising in traceability and privileged user management, has announced that its Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) solution has obtained First Level Security Certification (CSPN) in the “Identification, certification and access control” category defined by France’s Network and Information Security Agency (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information, or ANSSI).

ANSSI awards CSPN certification, following an audit by an approved assessment centre, solely to solutions that pass its vulnerability tests and whose cryptographic modules comply with ANSII’s General Security Framework (RGS), which is rapidly becoming an essential criterion for public authorities and public companies.

CSPN is a useful benchmark for IT Directors, Information Security Managers and Risk & Compliance Managers who must chose from the many commercially-available solutions and so need information on the products’ security and compliance with the standards defined by the manufacturers’ independent governing bodies.

The increasing number and sophistication of cybercrime attacks, some of which involve inside help, oblige companies and organisations to strengthen their management and control of all privileged users connecting to their information systems. These privileged users may be system administrators (internal or external service providers), database administrators, developers, project managers or operators providing remote facilities management and IT maintenance (networks, security hardware, applications such as SAP, Oracle, HRIS, CRM and financial packages, and cloud solutions such as VMWare and VSphere).

Their role requires them to work on critical corporate IT infrastructures, involving risks affecting access to sensitive and confidential data (system failures, data loss or theft, and fraud). Regulatory standards such as ARJEL, Basel, SOX and PCI DSS and legislation on the hosting of personal health data, such as France’s Act no. 2002-303 for example, are growing as a result, requiring companies to protect themselves and access to the data entrusted to them.
In this context, companies should set up appropriate solutions, giving those certified by information system security benchmarking bodies such as France’s ANSSI their highest priority.
WALLIX has responded to these issues by creating Wallix AdminBastion, its agentless Privileged User Management traceability solution, which is available as a software package or as an appliance and is easy to deploy and manage on a daily basis. Wallix AdminBastion is essential whenever internal or external service provider access must be monitored and traced.  Its functions for recording all privileged users’ sessions for examination in real time or in logs can also be used to review all actions performed on the information system as and when needed (audit, unexplained security incident, failure or forensics). WAB then serves as a form of CCTV monitoring the information system.

“We are particularly proud to announce WAB’s First Level Security Certification. This required us to enhance our product’s security functions so that it complies with ANSSI’s recommendations, and this certification recognising WAB’s quality and reliability confirms to our existing customers that they have made the right decision and should encourage those looking for a trustworthy solution to choose Wallix,” says Wallix CEO Jean-Noël de Galzain. “In addition to the technical criteria, by taking this step we are showing our desire to build an ecosystem of trust with our customers and partners, in which WAB’s added value is clear: regaining control of privileged user accounts and tracing all privileged user activities in information systems and in the cloud.”

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WAB 4.0: WALLIX extends privileged account management 
to cover business applications

The new version of Wallix AdminBastion (WAB), WAB 4.0, focuses on two major areas:
improving productivity, and extending traceability to cover applications and databases

Paris, 3 October 2013: WALLIX, the European software editor specialising in providing traceability and privileged user access control solutions, announces the release of WAB 4.0, the new major version of its Wallix AdminBastion solution. In response to customer feedback and the growing number of WAB users, Wallix has extended its traceability to cover business applications, thereby making privileged user access control control fully accessible and adaptable to the production constraints of information system risk management.

Traceability of privileged access to applications

Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 provides a single sign-on (SSO) for users when they connect to the information system and then traces all access to sensitive data, recording all operations performed. These functionalities cover both the business applications that the enterprise needs in order to operate properly (finance, R&D, CRM, specialised applications, etc.) and its infrastructure management applications (hypervisors, databases, etc.). As a result, the CISO or auditor can see details of all operations in real time or logs, enabling the enterprise to avoid accidental or malicious incidents and providing greater visibility of all actions performed by users holding access and administrator rights for critical applications such as VMware ESX, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Transparent directory integration, simplifying provisioning and IS integration and reducing TCO

WALLIX has developed a new provisioning system that meets the operational constraints of IT teams responsible for managing sometimes huge and often regularly updated directories. This new functionality introduced in Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 enables transparent WAB integration into Active Directory Server or LDAP infrastructures providing user account/rights management. This ensures simplified provisioning and quicker integration, considerably reducing Wallix AdminBastion’s TCO.

Signing and encryption of recordings: strengthened proof

In the event of an incident or fraud, it is essential that security solutions provide legally-recognised proof in determining responsibility, the problem’s origin and then obtaining compensation.

Wallix AdminBastion 4.0 encrypts and signs all recorded sessions in order to guarantee their non-repudiation, validity and confidentiality. These recording and encryption functionalities give probative value to the IT traces collected by the WAB, so that they can then be used as proof in the event of a security incident or audit. As a result, CISOs or IT department managers can examine their internal or external service providers’ work and provide proof of actions or accountability when required, as well as ensuring that the enterprise complies with local and international IT risk management standards.

Marc Balasko, Product Manager at Wallix, says: “Thanks to WAB’s new traceability functionalities, our customers can now control and secure their critical applications’ administration, and so meet the increasingly stringent regulatory constraints. WAB enables them to know exactly what their privileged users do and to keep control of their actions, regardless of their users’ scope of responsibility.”

“IT budget restrictions are driving increasing numbers of enterprises to outsource and use cloud applications, despite the potential risks that this involves. With Wallix AdminBastion 4.0, we are releasing a main version that provides user access control not only for the enterprise’s network infrastructure, but also for its applications and sensitive data. In view of the risks involved in all areas of IT, extending WAB’s scope to cover applications as well as the network infrastructure means that risk management can now be integrated into information system governance and the level of security can be greatly increased in line with industry-specific compliance requirements (health-related data, PCI-DCCS, MSSP, SOX, etc.) without hampering our customers’ ability to adapt their information systems to market demands,” stresses Jean-Noël de Galzain, the CEO and founder of Wallix. “In response to user feedback, this major new version of WAB also includes innovations that improve the solution’s usability and ease of installation in information systems. Thanks to these innovations and greater product maturity, we are now better equipped to assist our customers in meeting their information system traceability needs and raise their digital trust level, and so assume our rightful position as a leading player in the Privileged Account Management market.”

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